The Death of Superman


I thought I would do my first comic recommendation for newbs, where reading started for me. This was not my first comic, but for the sake of argument I believe my reading obsession began around this time.

I specifically remember begging my father to buy me this book at a comic show. Back then in ’93 comic shows were nothing like todays cosplay, celebrity, nerdom celebration. They were held in community halls, and old legion buildings, and nerds were still considered nerds. I needed this book for my collection. The Death of Superman was a big deal. Super heroes died all the time, but not Superman. This may have been my first Total Paper Back (lovingly referred to in the community as a TPB or commonly a graphic novel. Either way its a collection of single issues of one complete story arc into a single book.) but I was no Superman fan at the time. The story was that big, every one in the comic realm was talking about it. To a little 8 year old boy like me it was a must. The picture is that same book from 23 years ago.

Marvel ran the show back then with more colourful, elaborate, monstrous characters. Superman was way to boy scout not enough edge. Me and the other kids just didn’t dig much of the DC Universe, aside from the Bat of course. The publishers answer to that- Doomsday.

Crashing through a mountain was a hulk size, mysterious monster. Doomsday was a terrible monster with no motive but to destroy. We all new the only reason this beast was on the scene was to brawl it out with supes. And they made him look the part, as he tore through his green body suit becoming a grey skinned rock monster.

And they smash it out, that is pretty much what this book is. A massive all out slug fest. Doomsday crashes through America, easily dismisses or murders b-list characters, and goes one on one with the man of steel in glorious 90s fashion.

As unemotional as the book is, at the end you know this is the death of Superman (hence the title.). The image of Supermans cape waving ragged in the destruction becoming an iconic image for decades.

I give this book a 3 out of 5. It is awesome to have page after page of all out action. In the end there is not much substance.

I recommended this book to those devoted to the Super hero genre. The death of Superman is a corner stone piece. If you are new to comics the 90s are not a good place to start. It was kind of the awkward teenage years of comic books as they were losing the charm from their earlier days and still had to gain substance.



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  1. Michael J. Miller says:

    I remember all the craziness to get this issue too! You described it very well. I wasn’t an avid follower of DC or Superman but I knew I had to see what happened here. I remember the black and bloody cover from you picture. I also remember the black, memorial arm band that came with my issue. Ahh the nineties, what a wonderful time,

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