Bone by Jeff Smith


Do you love heartfelt tales of adventure?  Are you seeking a story of the timeless battle of good versus evil?  Love and heartbreak of a romance that cannot be?  Do you like cartoons with cute eyebrows yet with depth as characters?  This Bone is for you!

This original series by creator Jeff Smith was released from 1991 to 2004 in 55 issues.  Later collected over 9 graphic novels.  Winning dozens of reputable awards through out its run.

The brilliance of Bone begins with its simplicity.  The artwork is straight forward but it comes across effectively, hiding its true depth and symbolism.  You can easily be caught up with the story, flipping pages oblivious to the beauty of the art.  That is a sign of good harmony within the media.

The story begins in such a fun, light hearted manner, it scoops you in with cute characters and their relatable dynamics.  Following three cartoonish cousins after their banishment from their home.  They come upon a mysterious land as they are chased by daft, villain rat creatures.  They come upon a small village and the apple of Bones eye, Rose.  As the story continues on the themes get darker and more sophisticated.  Culminating into an epic high fantasy with Tolkien influence and timeless story telling.

One of the most lovable characters in all of pop culture for me, has to be Fone Bone.  I love the style and how different the Bones are in this world yet fit in naturally.  Another highlight for me was the indifferent, quick tempered mountain lion, Roque Ja.  The characters and this world are so lovable it makes the book such a flowing read.

I love this series, an easy 4 star read.  Anyone can read and fall into Bone and I recommend it to every one.  Especially those who loves a timeless fantasy tale.  Bone is a great place to start reading graphic novels, as its fun and easy to read.

Thanks booknerds.  Keep reading.


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  1. Michael J. Miller says:

    I’ve seen Bone’s books for years but was never really aware what the story was about. The character existed on the fringes of my pop culture consciousness. But you’ve sold me! This sounds really interesting. I think the first graphic novel will be on top of my to-read list this summer.


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