Old Mans War by John Scalzi


Hype!  There is simply not enough internet hype regarding this series.  The first book, Old Mans War, is a creative, intelligent perdiction on the universe and mankinds effects in it.  John Scalzi creates a recognizable future as humans battle for intergalactic real estate.

John Perry celebrates his 75th birthday by doing what most people his age are doing, joining the military.  The Colonial Defence Forces are recruiting from the Earths elderly and mysteriously transforming them into healthy, battle ready troops.  The war for habital planets is more desperate than any of the recruits could have imagined.  We follow John Perry as he navigates his way around new worlds and environments after he has lived a full life on Earth.

The novel is jam packed with progression and adventure.  Thought provoking theories in biology, quantum physics and philosophy.  Mostly focusing on what it really means to be human.  In a galaxy of alien species with their own morals and motives, when humans are losing connection with who they are.

What stood out most to me was world building.  Several different alien species being added in to the equation constantly.  Mr. John Scalzi being able to describe a complete species, culture and its effects on the humans in one page.  And there’s so many species that are truly well conceived.  His creations and the universe around them are truly entertaining.  I imagine he had as much fun writing Old Mans War as i had reading it.

The technology and systems are well established and explained.  The tech Mr. Scalzi has crafted make relevant sence yet feel unfathomable.  He takes the time to explain it on the readers level as oppose to a wave of the hand and saying it works because its supposed to.  I appreciate the effort put into breaking the scientific relevance and purposes; it really makes the whole story feel more realistic.

The only thing the story was missing was character development.  This isn’t really a character story but an action/military tale focusing more on death. But the unique idea of following a 75 year old man into the galaxy and war should have provided a really interesting perspective.  I was hoping to follow a wise, old soul but its so easy to forget he’s that old and you are only reminded when it works for the story.

This is a great modern SciFi book; if thats up your alley this books for you.  I am excited to continue the series to see where this universe is headed and how the humans find their way.  I drank this book down like morning coffee, a 4 star read for certain.

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