Warbreaker by Brandon Sanderson

This book sat on my tbr shelf far too long. The stand alone fantasy is also an essential piece of Brandon Sandersons mass series of the Cosmere.  Never failing to provide an entertaining story, Warbreaker fits right in with the Cosmere collection.

Warbreaker is the story of two princesses who have the weight of an inevitable war on their shoulders.  A city of gods and powers on the brink of invading their home.  The young princesses have to navigate the native culture uncovering the conspiracies of a mysterious religion.

The magic in Warbreaker is instantly captivating.  Which is true form for Mr. Sanderson, and leaves me in awe of how he creates his systems.  Using colour as the premise, envisioning some of these scenes creates a beautiful scape in my mind. 

Great, complex characters, you are never sure what each of their goals or purposes are.  I found myself routing for one character for the first half of the book and despising him the second half.  Use of religions was well thought out, and expressed so clearly, in their purposes and conflicts with each other.

The high lights of the book for me were a sentient black sword with a personality of its own and a god who refuses to accept his divinity.  What hurt me in this book was it felt so drawn out.  I felt like most of the middle third of the book was unnecessary.  But with one epic, fulfilling conclusion that made it all worth it.

Solid 4 out of 5 for me.  A unique piece to the Sanderson cosmere puzzle that adds another level to my intrigue.  Especially with a mystical chapter featuring the ever notorious Hoid.  I recommend this book as part of Sandersons collection or as a great fantasy stand alone.

Thanks book nerds, happy reading.


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