Batman’s Dark Secret


Yesterday was library day when my son and I found a treasure in the kids section.  Batman’s Dark Secret is a children’s book published by Scholatsic Press in 2000.  It’s hard to tell who was more excited with the find as I scooped it off the shelf before my 5 year old.  As bedtime approached I insisted that he pick this one for story time, not giving him much of an option.

Batman’s Dark Secret is a short story describing the events of Batman’s origins.  The dark subject matter is handled delicately as not to give our younglings nightmares about dead parents.  Much to my relief as it was earlier in the day my son forced me into the morbid explanation of what would happen to him if I passed away.  Mainly the book focuses on a young Bruce Wayne who loses his bravado and confidence after his terrible misfortunes.  Bruce over comes his fears as he is trapped in a dark cave with monstrous bats.  After which vowing never to be afraid again, and we all know how that turns out.

This is a great tale for children.  Showing them that they should not let their fears consume them.  The importance of being brave and confident.  The tactful retelling gives the small ones insight into one of their favorite super heroes.  Which shares strong morals for us all as opposed to being a mutant, alien, or some freak accident.

The watercolours by Jon J. Muth are stunning and captivating.  The art adds a brilliance that should keep this book on shelves for generations.  I appreciate that they did not give the book a cartoony feel but added depth with vivid paintings.

I absolutely recommend this bedtime book for all the children.  Taking one of the worlds favorite characters and giving it to toddlers without all the violence; turning it into a tale about a brave little dude.  I can see myself purchasing a copy for my baby nephews next birthday.  My son enjoyed it (again maybe not as much as me) and I am sure the little tykes in your world will to.

Thought I’d share, thanks booknerds.



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