Earth X by Alex Ross and Jim Krueger


Released in 1999-2000 by Marvel Comics, the limited series, Earth X, was created by Alex Ross and Jim Krueger with art from John Paul Leon.  Featuring a dystopian ‘what if?’ of the Marvel Universe as a whole.  Whether this series and its sequels Universe X and Paradise X, have any connection to modern era comics is still some what of a mystery.  However it is easier to see the series as its own separate entity.

The story features a future in which X-51, or Machine Man as he is enlisted by the now blind Uatu the Watcher.  X-51 uses his new abilities as an intern watcher to gather information of how this misshapen future came to be.  While the entire human population of Earth has suddenly gained mutant powers and how that has effected the heroes of yore.  Uncovering dark secrets of old heroes, Celestials, and the Watchers.  The Machine Man is left with very human dilemmas as with what to do with his new found information.

The highlight of the story is discovering what happened to our most beloved heroes.  Some of these futures are predictable while others are very much not.  Following a disgraced Captain America as he gathers a new team to destroy a powerful new threat to the planet.  We meet with recognizable heroes in very unrecognizable circumstances.  As many are retired, broken shadows of the characters they once were.  And some have turned to monsters of their own worst nightmare.

I am a huge fan of these books and I do not believe they got the love they deserved.  4 out of 5 with a 5 for Alex Ross’ amazing cover art.  I recommend this series to any comic lover or scifi fan.  The ideas created in these works are existential and thought provoking, while fun for the super hero fans that want to see what may happen to their heroes in the future.

Thanks booknerds, good luck out there.



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  1. Michael J. Miller says:

    I’ve just nominated you and your blog for a Liebster Award! I enjoy your work here so much I had to put you up for this. Here’s my post on the award for all the details –
    Thank you for always putting out such an enjoyable, high quality blog!

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    1. Green Onion says:

      Wow. Thank you very much, you’ve been a big support for my blogging venture and I really appreciate it. Great work on your Award page, and thanks for the tough questions haha.

      Liked by 1 person

      1. Michael J. Miller says:

        Take your time on the questions. There’s no rush/time limit. I had to think on mine for awhile too. And you’re very welcome. I love your stuff and I always get excited to see a new post of yours!


  2. Dallas says:

    I loved Earth X. Even if it’s not a sequel to the others it’s a great stand alone story in my opinion. Of course I’ve always been a big fan of the What If… and Elseworld type of stories. I love when artist and writers take a crazy spin on characters and show us what they could and could not be.

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    1. Green Onion says:

      Absolutely, thats most the fun of the comic world. Too many people take it seriously.

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      1. Dallas says:

        Which is sad to me. So many great stories ruined because people took it too seriously

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