Identity Crisis by Brad Meltzer


The seven part limited series released by DC Comics in 2004.  Identity Crisis, masterfully written by Brad Meltzer, shook the DC Universe down to its core.  Touching on sensitive issues, the morals of the tried and true heroes were put in question.  As the characters are put through a different kind of crisis.

The provocative storyline was a new kind of cross over.  Unseen before in the big 2 comic publishers.  Marvel was just beginning an overhaul into the next generation.  DC took a swing to compete with the rise of independent comics.  The sales may not have changed for DC, however they proved with this series that they were prepared to move on from the forgettable 90’s.

The darker themes were a gamble worth taking.  Making Identity Crisis one of the best executed and memorable cross over series; in a Universe where cross overs are the norm and widely overused.  Instead of another alien threat or destruction of the dimension, the use of such a minor threat causing such detrimental effects was unexpected.  Bringing these godlike characters down to a very human level.


The plot kicks off with the murder of Elongated Mans’ wife, Sue Dibny.  The superheroes, emotional, confused and on their heals, rally behind their fallen comrade to find the murderer.  While tormented with the uncomfortable feeling of who is next.  As the mystery begins to unravel a dark history of the Justice League comes to light.  Creating tension between team mates and long time friends.

Great use of famous characters on edge as their friends and family are at risk.  Climaxed with the murder of another fragile characters father.  The super heroes are helpless and in the midst of moral crisis.  Many characters are at a breaking point and its inevitable that someone snaps.  Each individual, dealing with personal dilemmas; relationships are put to the test.

Identity Crisis is one of the best cross over works in the major publishing companies history.  The unique and realistic plot make this a must read series for any comic fan.  Even worth it for the not so serious fans.  4 out of 5 and a mad respect for Brad Meltzer.

Keep this one out of the reach of children, thanks booknerds.



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