The Hood: Blood from Stones


The Hood is a limited series, written by Brian K. Vaughan and illustrated by Kyle Hotz, released in 2002 by Max Comics.  The origin story was a precursor to this fresh antihero becoming a powerful villain in the Marvel Universe.  When Brian Michael Bendis adapted the under utilized character in Avenger storylines years later.  Mr. Vaughan created a unique character in a superbly written, six issue series.

Parker Robbins is a low life, street thug, with a complicated love life that is falling apart, and an institutionalized mother he has a complicated relationship with.  Parker is failing in his attempt to follow his late fathers criminal footsteps.  Then he discovers a magical cloak that turns him invisible and a pair of boots that allow him to levitate.  The apparel left by a demon, who is later revealed to be Dormammu.  With his new powers, Parker decides he can rise above the life of organized crime, for a career in costumed villainy.

The detailed pencils of Kyle Hotz are perfect for this new character.  The Hoods cowl becoming an eye appealing creation.  The appearance of a few b-level Marvel villains are also captured well, in this darkly illustrated collection.


The mini series is so well written, Brian K. Vaughan has a creative mind, captivating you with brilliant dialogue and story structure.  The book went above my expectations, especially since the tpb was given to me as a gift, and not a story I picked out for myself.  With The Hood, becoming one of the most nefarious crime lords in the Marvel Universe, this is a can’t miss origin story for comic fans.

A great stand alone that will captivate the experienced and novice comic readers alike.  4/5 for this quick, enjoyable read.  About a 5/5 character whose whole career is mixed with success, failure, power and torment.

Thanks booknerds, don’t miss out on this under appreciated series.  And leave the demonic toys where you find them.



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