Green Onion Update June ‘016

It has officially been one month since my first blog post.  What started as an experiment has become a fulfilling hobby.  Today I woke up to the notification of my 75th follower, and I thank you all for the support.  It encourages me to strengthen my skills and create great content for everyone.

The last few days have been a challenge for me.  I have recently quit smoking, and my concentration has been out of whack.  Jenn has put us on a new dietary supplement plan, which has thrown off my daily routine.  Then, Zylers mother had gotten herself expelled from their supervised visitation program, which has put my attention in other places.  Where I would usually have a couple posts prepared for this week, distractions have left me without.

It has become clear that I need to do some structuring going forward with my blog.  Thus far, I have been posting reviews in random order, or whatever interests me at the time.  As well as that has gone for me, at times I question what I should post. Mostly for myself, I need to develop a schedule, create a pattern as not to burn myself out.  Throughout the next couple weeks I will attempt to create a formula, with specific days for comic books, kidlit, etc..  I am hoping this will assist me in continually posting quality content and keep me ahead of life’s inevitable distractions.

I am excited for this next phase in my blogging experience, and I have some creative ideas for new content.  Tomorrow will be the kick off of a new blogging mini-event, so be sure to check in.  If anyone has any ideas, or are interested on my thoughts on anything in particular, please let me know, I will probably, happily oblige.

Thanks booknerds, stay tuned.


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  1. Chantale says:

    Happy One Month!!

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Green Onion says:

      Haha thanks, its the little milestones…

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