Descender: Tin Stars


As if I have not made this clear, I am a major fan of the works by Jeff Lemire.  I have previously written about the importance of his premiere series, Essex County, he has also topped my list of 15 Comic Authors.  So I see his name and I spend money.  Descender is his current, creator-owned, ongoing project with artist Dustin Nguyen.  Painted subtly and elegantly, while portraying massive ideas, creative worlds, and powerful characters.  Mixed with Mr. Lemires recognizable, emotional story telling, the creators make a great duo, with the art fitting the story like a glove.


The first collected volume, titled, Tin Stars is about a highly populated solar system that has been destroyed by a mysterious group of planet-sized robots.  In the aftermath of the catastrophe the people have turned on their robot creations, blaming them for the destruction.  Over the next few years intelligent robots have been destroyed to the point of extinction.  One little robot has been isolated from the events, sleeping through the decade on an unpopulated moon.  Upon his waking, he becomes a sought after commodity; worth a fortune to scavengers, but may also hold the key to the galaxies salvation.

An imaginative universe has been created, with distinct design and history.  A main character that struggles with extreme failure, an emotional little robot and unique supporting characters.  Creative antagonists that did not make it to the end of the book make me wonder what future books have in store.  The emotional story and eclectic ensemble solidify this series as a must read.


I am trying to think of something I did not enjoy, but it really is that beautiful of a piece.  I may sound biased because of my love for Jeff Lemire’s previous works, but this is legitimately a brilliant story in his growing collection.  I give it 5 out 5, this is an exciting new read, with amazing, fully painted artwork.  Anyone who loves science fiction books, movies, or video games, will enjoy this conceptual series.

Thanks booknerds, watch out for Driller, he is a killer.



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  1. Michael J. Miller says:

    “So I see his name and I spend money.” – you have PERFECTLY encapsulated a major shopping trend in my life (at least in regard to certain authors/musicians/directors/etc.) in one sentence. I love it!

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