Happy Fathers Day


Well a happy Fathers Day to my fellow dads and equivalant male role models.  I woke this morning (abruptly and early) to two excited children.  After their preliminary breakfast, I was treated to some beautiful artwork, generous gifts, and lots of hugs and love.

I have learned over my first few Fathers Days that the hand made gifts are always the most valuable.  This year was no exception, with colourfully crafted mushroom pottery.  Which nicely fits in with my strange and random gnome collection.  Zyler also had some crafts from his kindergarten class, accompanied by dozens of post-it note drawings (he has a strange obsession with post-its for a 5 year old).


To appeal to Dad, even the kids know my favorites, chocolate and literature; a.k.a, a couple premium confectionery bars with a bookmark or two.  The best part of which, was watching everyone put on the oversized mustache bookmark.  Followed with a gift card which made a trip to the book store worth while today.  I quickly turned that card into a couple over due, to-buy novels.  There may have been another gift, but you don’t need to know what kind of super hero boxers I have on today.



Unfortunately, Jenn has the night shift tonight, forcing her to sleep during our daylight hours.  The good news, I got to spend the day with Zyler and Alex.  Getting some park time in, and preparing our gift for Grandpa.  I also took the opportunity to dress Alex as Daddies little skater girl instead of the usual princess look.  It feels great to get the extra love today, Jenn masterminded a great day for us.  I am a lucky dude, and I am blessed with such an awesome family.  It’s time for me to cook up dinner for my father, and let him be bombarded with the kids for a bit.

Thanks booknerds, have a great day, especially you book-dads.


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