Top Ten Speedsters

Humans have been personifying their obsession with speed for as long as history shows.  Roman, Egyptian and Greek cultures worshipped their own version of the speedster.  Throughout history, being fast has been valued on the same level as strength or intelligence.  Man has continually created new inventions to help us go faster.  Today we still idolize the power of extreme speed, in the real world and in fiction.  Lets break down the top 10 speedsters of modern culture.

10. Road Runner


Looney Toons resident speedster has been tapping the speed-force since 1949.  Bending reality, the Road Runner can run so fast a cement road will twist up behind him like a ribbon, before he takes off.  The only question that plagues this vintage cartoon is how did Wile E. Coyote always get ahead of his nemesis?  I will assume the Coyote to be a teleporter, or at least own Acme technology with the ability.

9. Dash Parr


The 10 year old show off, has tapped the ability to run on water.  Which would put his top speed somewhere in the vicinity of Mach 1.  Using his talents to pull clever pranks, and combat full sized men, make him a lovable ‘little insect’.  However, the narcissistic tendencies of young Dash has lead him to show up average boys in athletic competitions.

8. Superman and his affiliates


It seems unfair that Superman can do it all, but his speed cannot be ignored.  Keeping pace with the fastest of meta humans, Superman has the ridiculous speed capable of turning the world backwards.  Speeding bullets are no match, though I am unsure why the bullet proof hero would bother.

7. Speedy Gonzales


“The fastest mouse in all of Mexico”.  The sombrero wearing, Spanish speaking rodent has been entertaining children since the 50’s.  The tiniest of the speedsters on the list gives Speedy the edge in tight places.  That is, if he doesn’t get held back by his cousin Slowpoke Rodriguez.

6. Krakkl


Oh yes!  In the tradition of the great Gazoo, Bat-Mite, or Mxyzptlk, the Flash had his own miniature buddy.  The imaginary friend of a young Wally West, competed against the crimson speedster in a race to save their own home worlds.  Eventually they found a way to save everyone, though I think this may have been a race the Flash couldn’t win.  Nobody can outrun their embarrassing childhood.

5. Blurr


The fast talking, anxious, speedster of the Autobots.  Topping out at speeds of 800 mph makes this Transformer the fastest car in fiction.  Get this robot a flux capacitor!  First appearing in the amazing 1986 animated movie, Blurr has become a regular in the Autobot lineup.  The nervous ticks and fast speaking mannerisms have made him a fan favorite.

4. Professor Zoom


Eobard Thawne not only shows us we will have stupid names in the 25th century, he is also one of the greatest villains in the DC Universe.  The once super fan of the Flash has become his greatest tormentor.  Permanently connected to the speed force, his ability to ruin the Flash’s day runs endlessly.

3. Sonic the Hedghog


Invading video games since 1991, this blue speedster has spawned a franchise.  TV shows, comic books, Sonic even made a cameo in the Disney film Wreck-it Ralph.  That’s nothing.  In production is a live action movie of the fastest Hedgehog in the galaxy.

2. Quicksilver


The fastest mutant in the Marvel Universe, has been an Avenger and an X-Man, even spanning both movie franchises.  But what makes him such a valuable speedster is his affiliation with the Brotherhood of Evil Mutants.  Pietro Maximoffs manipulation of his twin sister, Scarlet Witch, caused one of the most detrimental events in Marvel Universe history.  Making Quicksilver a speed force to be reckon with.

1. Flash


There has been a scarlet speedster since 1940.  The man behind the mask may change, but what it represents does not.  ‘The fastest man on Earth’ has been a symbol of all that is good, and one of the most true hearted characters in the DC Universe.  There is no doubt Flash would sacrifice himself to protect his world and probably has more times than he should have.  Making Flash the greatest speedster in modern culture.

Thanks booknerds, for trying to keep up.


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  1. Michael J. Miller says:

    Okay, I can’t even figure out if I’m more excited to see the Road Runner or Speedy Gonzales on this list! I was excited to see who you picked and was TOTALLY SURPRISED with the Looney Tunes inclusions. I may not’ve seen them coming but I loved it! What a fun list.

    Liked by 1 person

  2. Mariza says:

    I love this list 🙂 It’s so fun! I was surprised by the Looney Tunes selections as well, in a positive way. Have you ever shared this on any movie/TV platforms?

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Green Onion says:

      Thanks, I had fun writing this list so I am glad that came across. I have not shared this post anywhere other than my corner of the blogosphere.


      1. Mariza says:

        You’re welcome 🙂 If you’d be interested, I’d like to help you get seen on Moviepilot. For more information email me at

        Liked by 1 person

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