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The amazingly happy and positive Cocktails with Chantale hit me with the Happiness Tag.  And, well, I am not gonna be the guy to stop the happy train.  We all deserve joys in life and it is important to appreciate what makes us happy.  So lets mix up some of that positive energy.

The tag is pretty simple in its rules.
– Share 5 things that make you happy.
– Share 5 songs that make you happy.
– Nominate 5 bloggers… that make you happy.

My family is most valuable to me and the source of my positivity.  In general, I am a pretty happy guy.  I keep an easy going approach to life and can put a positive spin on most things.  There will be times where life can wear me down and its hard to keep my head up.  That’s when I will look at my partner and kids and say “ get in the car, we are having a road trip and spending time together.”  And we do, we get away from it all.  Spending an afternoon away from the stress helps me to focus on what is really important.

How can you not love a good book?  Starting a novel that captivates me so much I cannot put it down.  Staying up late, fitting in a page where ever I can, packing in 100+ pages in an afternoon.  I love to read, and I would hate not having a book on the go.

So there is this…


It happened. Thank you, good people, this journey is amazing thanks to you.

My entire blogging experience has been a blast.  When I started I had no clue how enjoyable this would be.  I get to write about things that interest me. I get to read posts from interesting people.  And I get to be a part of this interested community.  Thank you to all of you, for making the effort more than worthwhile.


Nerd fact!  I play a bunch of card games.  Not Magic or Pokemon or anything like that.  My friends and I get together and we play Munchkin, Killer Bunny, Boss Monster and all of the sorts.  This is pretty much the most fun I can have with my time.  Also, I am a dominant force in Scrabble; though no one will play with me anymore…

I don’t often talk about being a chef, but that’s what I am.  I am at home with the kids right now, but my career and training is in cooking.  As a job… well it’s a job.  The enjoyable part is the constant learning.  New recipes or perfecting old ones, and harnessing the skills to make things that people love.  Teaching others the experiences I have had, its an educational field and I have followed my career with the motto ‘everyone has something to teach me’.  Honestly as a job I am ready to move on, it is a young mans game and my life is not food any more.  My priorities are in new places, but the experiences I have had and skills I have learned will be with me forever.  So I may not be a professional chef anymore but I still have my family to provide for and test new meals on.  Which brings back the love without all the pressure.


There we have a glimpse into the happy world of your friendly neighborhood Onion.  Another thing that makes me and everyone happy is music.  So sharing 5 of the songs that make me smile sounds like fun.  Narrowing it down to 5 sounds like torture.

Kid Koala – Emporers Main Course

Pixies – Mr.Grieves

Beastie Boys – Remote Control

Jondo – Little Closer

Mr. Scruff – Get a Move on

Now to find 5 bloggers to tag, lets have a look…

Oh, .wondrousbooks. just popped up in my notifications.  Guess what girl you are tagged to share your happiness.

Novelacious was my 100th follower.  BAM.  Tagged, what’s making you happy?

Rachael Reads just put up a new post.  Consider yourself tagged to share the happy.

Lets see who commented last…  Blam!  Chicnerdreads you are happy taggy tagged.

My most recent follower is… SaylwithPens.  You guessed it, tagged!  Get your happy out!

Alright thanks booknerds, have a happy day.



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  1. Thanks for the tagging me!!!

    Liked by 1 person

  2. jnikolova says:

    Oh my God, this is such a cool idea! Thank you for tagging me! And I am honestly so jealous of your family, I am horrible at cooking and I have no patience for it, but I love food so much. Mail me some! 😀

    Liked by 1 person

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