Mistborn: The Well of Ascension by Brandon Sanderson


It is the third week of Mistborn Mondays, this week we are going to take a look at the second book, Well of Ascension.  If you missed last weeks feature Final Empire or the introduction to the world and magic you may want to catch up.  Also if you have not read the Mistborn series, there are major spoilers from here on out.

As Final Empire was very much a heist novel, Well of Ascension is more of a mystery/thriller.  The second book focuses on the politics of Scadrial, and is full of suspenseful questions.  There is also introductions to more of the fantasy aspects of this world.  More to the magic system and more of the creatures that live in this land.

When we left the world of Scadrial the economy and social structure were beginning a restructuring.  Elend Venture had proven himself a worthy politician, now he must show himself a capable leader.  His idealism is put to the test, and the democracy he is building may backfire.  The dishevelled party of thieves from book one have become advisors and people of power.  The group must adjust to being on the other side of the law as new challenges approach. 

With the capital, Luthadel, in its fragile state of transition after the passing of the Lord Ruler.  Outside forces are hoping to capitalize before Elend can set his claim.  Three separate armies have put Luthadel under siege, and are attempting to breach the walls secretly in attempts to assassinate new leader Elend Venture.  There is now an army of powerful monsters, the Koloss, laying waste to the land, it turns out the Lord Ruler was keeping these dangerous creatures under control.


Vin has become obsessed with protecting Elend.  Still unsure of her place in the world she hides in the mists of the evening.  The voices in her head are distracting, as she is dealing with murders happening in her own house.  Are the murders an evolution of the mists?  There is also a mysterious, new Mistborn hunting the night, that has Vin questioning everything in her life.  She will have to overcome all of these distractions if she hopes to defend the city and future.

The books climax is a well conceived step up from the first book.  With major battles and desperate attempts at survival.  So many pieces to this novel come into place at the end, taking this world into a new age.  As in every Mistborn, the secrets that are revealed will blow minds.  The puzzle fits together but it is getting bigger than we thought.  Despite the victories in the first book, this is still a dark world with more dangers than expected.  New characters introduced add to the interest and complexity of this world.  Including a new creature who has become a fan favorite.  The use of established characters are handled greatly, each individual having their own growth and arc.

The Well of Ascension is an inspiring sequel.  Pushing the limits of the world, magic, and characters.  The end is a great conclusion but leaves you with so many questions that you will be diving into the third book as fast as possible.  Keeping the pace up for the series, this book will make you understand why these novels get top reviews.

Thanks booknerds, see you next Monday for Mistborn: The Hero of Ages.



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  1. I love this feature! I am a huuuuge fan of the Mistborn series by Sanderson. I’m gonna bookmark this Monday feature 😃

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