Must Read Blog Posts: June ‘016


My blog features all sorts of literature.  I talk about books that I read; break down great comics; everything I read to my kids.  There is something missing- blogs.  I have been reading hundreds of posts.  Putting the effort in to keep up with what is important to all of you. There is an enormous amount of content out here, and equal amount talent.  I thought I should share what I have been reading, here are some of the highlights from the month of June.

June 4 – This Old ComicIn Which Supergirl Dates a Horse

I am so grateful I found this blog, not only is Tom a legitimate historian but also a comic fan.  Using his education to his advantage as he explores his fathers vintage collection of comic issues.  Each piece Tom has written has been educational, interesting and… hilarious, as he breaks down the ridiculous storylines.  This post about a promiscuous Super-girl and her infatuated horse is his best work, so far.

June 25 – Rose ReadOn Smiling Slaves and Censorship

Emily at Rose Read is simply brilliant.  Her posts are intelligent and can unintentionally make other blogs look sloppy.  Just a couple days ago she made this post, that shook my idea of what a blog could/should be.  Touching on censorship and racism, she handles sensitive issues with composed tact and respect, while educating on a topic that deserves more attention.  Kudos to you Emily, this is a post I would be afraid to approach and you handled it with grace.

June 22 – Informatic Cool StuffSpace Elevator! Possible?

Because, seriously, space elevators!  The second I saw the title I knew I needed to read this.  The post is educational and interesting.  The only thing I can complain about, is its too short.  Give me more Cool Stuff.

June 3 – My Comic ReliefA Beautiful Rebirth

Michael at My Comic Relief has become my blogging best buddy.  We have gone back and forth over all sorts of topics, our interests are in align and any differing opinions have lead to a good discussions.  I look forward to every post he puts up, for a couple reasons: he writes from the heart and in depth, and when I start reading I cannot stop.  His long posts may be responsible for a couple dinners getting out late, but they’re o’ so worth it.  I narrowed it down to one post, a great breakdown of Eastmans Ninja Turtles, yet I would recommend taking the time to read everything Michaels got.

June 2 – Critiquing ChemistSleeping Giants by Sylvian Neuvel

Recently I read the debut novel of Sylvian Neuvel, Sleeping Giants.  I found this review from Sarah the Critiquing Chemist, when I was in the middle of reading.  I peeked a little at how she wrote it but held off on the whole post until I was done with the novel.  Sarah nails it on the head, she nails all of her reviews.  I enjoy her analytical style and that she is reading a lot of what I am reading (which is enough to make anyone instant friends).  I recommend the book and the blogger.

June 10 – Graphic Novelty2Heart and Brain: An Awkward Yeti Collection

Nancy and Helexkant at Graphic Novelty do a shared blog, reviewing the comics they are reading.  They are always interesting reads and the dueling perspectives and styles add a uniqueness to their blog.  This particular post about the Heart and Brain comic strips was composed cleverly.  I thought it was a fun and witty way to handle this review, showing its okay to mix things up.
Green Onion factoid: Graphic Novelty2 was my first subscriber, for that they can always count me a loyal fan.

June 21 – Benjamin AbbotIf They’re Aliens, How Come Thor and Superman Look Like Us?

Benjamin at The Wordy Ben has a great approach to his blog.  Each post reads more like a fanzine, discussing relevant fiction topics, without all the reviews.  Going into depth on some of pop cultures biggest questions.  This post about the appearance of alien species breaks down on budgets and imaginations.  Great blog with many cool pieces.

There have been lots of great posts this month.  This is more of a highlight reel of what I got excited about.  This is a post I hope to be making each month, so if you see anything great please recommend it to me.

Thanks blognerds, keep on posting.


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  1. Michael J. Miller says:

    Awww…thank you so much! This was a beautiful idea for a post and I’m honored to be included on this list. Right back at you too :)! You know I love your stuff and I’m always excited when your newest posts show up on my reader.

    Liked by 1 person

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