The Versatile Blog Award

I was nominated for this award by the wonderful Amy Berrett, so thank you.  If you have not checked out her blog I recommend it, for certain, she is a book junkie with great reviews and a beautiful lay out.

This award follows the basic rules of:

  • Thank the blogger which nominated you.
  • Share 7 different facts about yourself.
  • Nominate up to 15 blogs of your choice.

Seven Green Onion Factoids:

  1. I love watching Saturday morning cartoons with my kids.  I enjoy shows like Teen Titans Go or Adventure Time just as much, if not more than them.  And the best part is the inside jokes the kids and I share that makes Moms head spin, or question her life choices.
  2. I need to have chocolate in the house at all times.  I do not eat chocolate everyday, but having it near me in case the urge rises, is important.  To not fail at this, I need extra chocolate around for after I do eat some, there will still be some here until I can get more.
  3. There is simply no pleasure greater than sliding on a new pair of socks.  That may not be a fact about me, but a fact about life.
  4. I love to watch me some hockey.  Calgary Flames are my jam, despite years of ups and mostly downs.  I am a loyal fan and I keep up to date with all the little stats and transactions.
  5. My collection of art prints is out of control.  I love picking up prints from local and favorite artists.  I also have amassed plenty of concert posters.  Unfortunately, I have no where to put everything.  One day there will be a room in my house with way too much art.
  6. I hate rice.  Making me the only person on the planet that dislikes the worlds most prominent grain.  I eat it with a grimace on my face, and will avoid it in any possible circumstance.  There is no rational reason for it, I just cannot stand it.
  7. As a kid I would sleep anywhere and everywhere that wasn’t my bed.  I would tuck into corners and cubbies, under coffee tables, even under my bed.  I would spend most of summer vacation in a tent, in the backyard.  My favorite, was sleeping by a screen door when it was raining so I could listen to it, while feeling random splashes hit me.

Well that’s that, a little insight to your blogging super hero.  As for who I will tag lets have a look…

I owe MyComicRelief one, so blammo, tagged.

Library Lizard is at the top of my notifications.  You know what that means… tag.

Next post I see go up on my feed gets the tag… Reading Turtle Duck, consider yourself tagged.

Thanks booknerds, please don’t send me some rice now.


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