July in Pop Culture History

1865 – Alice’s Adventures in Wonderland published

1940 – Debut of Bugs Bunny, in ‘A Wild Hare’

1940 – First Appearance of Green Lantern

1947 – Flying Disc recovered near Roswell, New Mexico

1951 – Premiere of Disneys Animated Alice in Wonderland

1955 – The opening of Disneyland Anahiem, Calafornia

1962 – First appearance of Doctor Doom

1963 – First Appearance of Doctor Strange 

1965 – Bob Dylan is booed off stage for using an electric guitar for the first time on stage

1969 – Apollo 11 lands on the Moon

1971 – The passing of Jim Morrison

1981 – Nintendo releases Donkey Kong; introducing Donkey Kong and Mario

1985 – Premiere of Back to the Future

1988 – The premiere of Shark Week

1990 – The release of Final Fantasy in North America

1994 – Premiere of Forrest Gump

2000 – Premiere of The X-Men

2001 – First Appearance of Doop

2008 – Premiere of The Dark Knight

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  1. Creepy Chic says:

    OMG! ‘The Dark Knight’ made me fall in love with BatMan all over again. I think Christian Bale was the best (besides Michael Keaton). I remember when me and my boys went to go see it, everyone thoroughly enjoyed the film. I was the ‘Donkey Kong’ and ‘Centipede’ master (early 80’s lol). My hubby LOVES ‘Shark Week’ I’ve yet to understand that lol. Great post! Brought back good memories…


  2. Shark Week goes back to 1988?!?!? That blows my mind. Thanks for sharing. Also, yay for July!


    1. Green Onion says:

      Blew my mind too. How do they find so much content on sharks?

      Liked by 1 person

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