Saga by Brian K. Vaughan, Volume 1

Photo Credit – Image Comics

Saga is a comic that has garnered much attention over the last few years.  I am late to the train, yet it is never too late to hop on.  Sales have been consistently strong outselling popular Image titles such as Walking Dead.  Reviews and hype have been even more positive.  I have read countless reviews of this series and have yet to come across one with a negative connotation.  It was about time I picked up a copy for myself, so that’s what I did.

Printed by Image Comics since March of 2012, collected into the first tpb later the same year.  Saga is the brain baby of established writer Brian K. Vaughan, the genius behind Y: The Last Man, is a fan favorite and made my own top comic author list, not too long ago.  The amazing artwork of Saga is done by an artist from my own local background; Calgary, Alberta.  Fiona Staples has a manga influenced style, with modern colour techniques.  Making the visual appeal of Saga, vivid and striking.

The difficult part about starting a series that has such hype behind it, is to curb expectations.  I had to remind myself before I began the first volume, that this is a massive world being created here.  Which is fine with me, two of the last comics I read involved lots of world building in, Descender and White Sand.  First volumes of series with heavy world building take some build up.  They do not have the luxury of opening up in established settings such as Gotham or Krypton.  Experiencing Mr. Vaughan’s work in the past, I set myself up for an intriguing, but humble beginning.

I had no idea the scope of the world being delivered in this series.  The first issue starts with a Romeo and Juliet of opposing worlds.  There backgrounds, and characteristics are so diverse that it sets the tone for a massive universe.  Giving birth to a child, Hazel, who narrates the story, their daughter is the centre of the story.  Meant for greater things, she is also the symbol of the unfathomable coitus that disturbs her parents worlds.  Hazels birth putting them on the run and without a home.

Creativity is the major appeal to this book.  Diverse life and creatures, highlighted by a couple robots with monitors for heads…umm making whoopie.  The minds behind this work are doing something new and different than what has been attempted before.  Referred to as a Space Opera or a cross between Star Wars and Game of Thrones, everything about this series will captivate imagination.

For certain, I recommend this book for everyone.  Feeling like I am one of the last people to read this, it is easy to say, this is a book for readers of all genres and media.  I give volume 1 a 4/5, and expect great things continuing on with the series.  Although, I see a need to prepare myself for some tragedy in the future.

Thanks booknerds, for hyping this one for me.


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