Nobody Likes a Goblin by Ben Hatke

This weather has been terrible.  I mean, my family comes from the coast, so we are used to constant rain, this week has been awful in the prairies though.  It will be a bright and shiny day and in the matter of ten minutes we will can be stuck in the middle of a hail storm.  Back and forth like that since my wonderful date with my little girl on the weekend.  We have gone out a few times this week, for a bike ride or grab some ice cream, and had to run back covering our heads, cowering from the instant storms.

Yesterday we gave in, hiding from the elements with a bonus library day.  Mostly there just to play with the other children hiding from the weather, we only exchanged a couple books, but me and the little trolls found a treasure…

Nobody Likes a Goblin, is the latest children’s book released by author/artist Ben Hatke.  Published as recently as June 7 2016, the picture book is gaining great reviews, sitting at a 4.3 on Goodreads.  The cover is attractive to kids and a Dad who loves his fantasy books.  Mr. Hatke does a great job of creating costumes and settings of classic fantasy tropes for a younger audience.

The story takes a spin on the genre, focusing on a little Goblin as our protagonist.  Goblin lives happily in a dark dungeon with his best friend Skeleton, when suddenly a group of adventurers invade their world.  When Goblin comes out of hiding he discovers that the adventurers had taken all of the treasures in the dungeon, including Skeleton.  Angered with the abduction of his friend and determined to save him, Goblin sets out on his own adventure.  After entering the wide world, the little hero discovers nobody likes a Goblin.  Treated as a monster, he must rush to the rescue of his friend.

Turning perspective on its heels and showing the fantasy world from the view of the monsters.  An ugly little Goblin is relatable, just wanting to be safe in his own home.  Teaching bravery as the tiny beast faces the world and powerful adventurers to protect his life and friend.  The book is full of great lessons for children, and supplies an all-important happy ending.

A near flawless children’s book, I would give Nobody Likes a Goblin 5/5.  Zyler was entranced by the story, as I would assume most kids would be.  The length is perfectly appropriate for a bedtime story or afternoon read.  A great recommendation for families that have those geek influences and undertones.

Thanks booknerds, make sure to ask the monsters before you go taking any treasure from your next dungeon.


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