Pokemon Go; a.k.a. Data Destroyer

Pokemon Go dropped into our laps last week and it is becoming quite the phenomenon.  Numbers reaching higher than Twitter, everyone wants to catch this game.  On the streets, you can see 20-30 somethings sitting in front of churches buried in their phones, clearly not looking for Jesus.  And oh the memes!  Hilarity has ensued in the wake, as grown men and women fall in deep with the nerd-stalgia*.  Everyone is talking about this game from kids on the playground to the Grammas and Grampas.

*Nerd-stalgia – The feeling of sentimental longing or wistful affection felt when reminiscing about things of a nerdy persuasion.

Alright, alright, I admit it, I am one of these nerds.  But, I am one of the  ones that raised, fed and nurtured an excuse to be a grown man playing Pokemon.  My 5 year old son, Zyler, is at the perfect age, to explore the Pokedex or hand him my phone in the car and he will catch me a handful of critters before we reach our destination.  He is not old enough for his own phone, thus, I can capitalize on the free labour.  It’s fun to share with him, together we can visit a game with features I enjoyed when I was a little older than he is now.

My nightly walks now have a new purpose as I hunt for the cartoons and attack the local gyms.  Jenn is shaking her head at me, as I admit, I may be a little old for this stuff.  The novelty will wear off eventually, hun.  I am not, in any sense of the word a gamer. I will enjoy some Mario Kart once in a while, and dabble in a game on my phone for a couple weeks, maybe 2 or 3 times a year.  The only reason we have a modern Wii U is for the kids, and glorious Netflix; the two best ways to keep kids still for an hour.  I know my interest will eventually wain, so for now, catch them all!  Sorry, Jenn.

I was anticipating this game just as much as a solid Nintendo fan.  The trailer released ages ago made Pokemon Go look like an epic experience.  Despite the actual game missing promised features like trading and massive Mewtwo killing parties, it holds up to hype.  Last year to prepare myself I even took a run at Ingress, Pokemon Go’s technological predecessor.  After experiencing both, honestly, Ingress was much better.  Featuring its own story, theme, and design, which was original and entertaining.  That experience did help, in once Pokemon Go came out I already knew where all the gyms and checkpoints were located.

The flaws are numerous, hopefully most will be worked out.  Such as, server failures, freezing, or battery drainage.  The practical issues will lead to my eventual deleting of the game; the battle feature is… well its not fun.  But there are some bigger issues, like with car accidents going up all over the place.  I have even been scared off from nearing a gym because of a group of unapproachable youths were standing physical ground.  Again, lots of this will fade with time, it’s mostly my data plan that won’t be able to last.

I am enjoying the real world application, and grateful that I already made hiking part of my daily routine.  What is really fun right now is that the game only features the original 150 creatures.  If they incorporated the countless new Pokemon, I would be lost and the game would not be as fun.

All in all, the game is a fun little experience.  I am already at a level 12, mostly due to many egg hatchings and catching a hundred Drowzees.  It may not be part of my modern literature theme, but I’ll give Pokemon Go a 4/5 and recommend giving it a throw.  There are a lot of nay-sayers right now, but they all played Angry Birds at one point too.

Thanks booknerds, ahh Poke-nerds, happy hunting.


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  1. rakioddbooks says:

    I’ve only caught 2 pokemon so far and that’s because I’ve been afraid to walk around since day 1. Even before news about robberies startes popping up I had a feeling this wasn’t going to go smoothly, someone always gets hurt. I guess paranoia was right this time around.

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    1. Green Onion says:

      Definitely have to watch your back, it is a shame that such a light hearted game can be used against people. Stick to the age old buddy system.

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  2. StacyRenee says:

    I never watched or played Pokemon as a kid but the idea of the game interests me. I like the ‘getting outside’ idea, I guess. As a new mom, I feel like I’m constantly stuck inside with little motivation to go out, so now I have ‘more’ reason to go have lunch at the park or take the scenic route on the way home from the store. The horror stories didn’t really phase me, probably because I live in a pretty ‘chill’ rural area and I don’t use my phone while driving. Those ‘walked off a cliff’ and ‘car accident’ stories help to remind people to be responsible while playing (hopefully) and I agree that the buddy system is a great idea if you are young, out at night, and live in a dangerous or ‘iffy’ area. The game might last, might not, but I think the idea of getting people out of the house and being ‘rewarded’ for it is something that might go on. I’m looking forward to seeing how the idea of augmented reality games progresses in the future, perhaps to games or movies that aren’t Pokemon but will still interest a huge group of people.

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    1. Green Onion says:

      I too am excited to see where the gaming principles will go. There are a bunch of interesting places it can go. Pokemon itself I am sure will continue to perfect their games. I too live in a decent area, though we are pretty central in the city. For the most part people can avoid accidents by using common sense. But yes thr buddy system is probably best, and the game itself kind of promotes that, by making it easier to build up, or over take gyms.


  3. I can’t say I’ve played Pokemon Go yet (I know, I know…I’m behind the cultural curve) but I would LOVE a Ghostbusters version of this game!

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