Star Wars in Comics

The first issues of Star Wars comics were released in 1977 after the explosion of the first movies popularity.  Marvel originally declined Lucasfilm in the publishing of the series.  Striking a deal, it was the sales of Star Wars that saved Marvel financially in the late 70s.  The production of the series ended in 1987.
In 1991 Dark Horse Comics began releasing original Star Wars comics with great success.  Helping the young company put itself among the big publishing companies.  Recently with Disney purchasing Marvel Entertainment and Lucasfilm, the rights have returned to Marvel.

There are a lot of great stories and mini series involved with Star Wars.  They have a devoted following with most of the galactic history exclusively produced in the format.  If you are a fan or have a favorite character there is a book for you.

Personally I have not read most of it.  There was one ongoing series about a history of the Jedi and Sith in the 90s called Tales of the Jedi, that I really enjoyed.  This is worth reading as you see a galaxy you love in its infancy.  The scenes and imagery being much more organic than the technological aspect of current Star Wars.

There is one graphic novel that has exceeded the rest.  Placing itself amongst the greats of the media.  Crimson Empire delves into the under belly of the Empire.  Showing us why they are the Dark Side. The story follows a group of men training and earning the right to join the exclusive Imperial Guard.  The story is dark and well written, with beautiful artwork and great characters.

I give Crimson Empire 5 stars and recommend it to any one who wants to read a good graphic novel, Star Wars fan or not.  Tales of the Jedi I would rate around a 3 with a couple 4 star story lines within the series.  If you are a fan of the ancient battle of Jedi and Sith i recommend picking up any Star Wars comics as they will develop your views of the galaxy.

Thanks booknerds, may the force and what not…


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  1. I’ve been reading the current run of Star Wars comics that Marvel’s putting out but despite loving Star Wars, comics, and the Expanded Universe, I’m woefully under-read on the old comics. Perhaps your post is the Force’s way of urging me to check them out??

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  2. Thank you for being a part of the willows. THIS IS NO ORDINARY #SHOUTOUT CHECK it IT OUT!


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