Mistborn: Bands of Mourning by Brandon Sanderson

We have made it!  Week seven of Mistborn Mondays.  Breaking down each book we started in the original trilogy with Final EmpireWell of Ascension, and Hero of Ages; jumped timelines into Alloy of Law; and last week we made started the next trilogy with Shadows of Self.  With no more books scheduled until 2018, we wrap up our reviews with Mistborn: Bands of Mourning.

Released in February of this year, Bands of Morning was the first new release I read this year.  Despite being completed at the same time as Shadows of Self we were forced to wait six months for the release.  Brandon Sanderson made the wait worth it as he simultaneously released Mistborn: Secret History, an exclusive e-book novella.  Which partly due to my lack of e-reader, I have decided to hold off reading until the release of Arcanum Unbounded; a collection of Sandersons adult novellas.

Bands of Mourning is a different kind of Mistborn story, starting off with the wedding of Wax and Steris.  Of course in the world of Wax and Wayne nothing can be so happy and simple.  After the sabotage from an unexpected source, the famous lawmen are enlisted to find an ancient artifact.  Travelling to unseen regions with their eclectic group, they uncover mysteries and conspiracies that shake the entire Mistborn series to its core.

The relationships of the little travelling party, helps this dark mystery feel lighthearted and entertaining.  Of course the antics of the unusual sidekick, Wayne, stand out as the centre of humour and interest.  But other characters, specifically Steris, come into their own and begin to stand out as well developed.  Wax is, as always, dealing with his past and family, but surprisingly this book is not so much about him as it is about his friends.  The most interesting aspect being how this group begins to work together as a whole, as they begin to trust and depend on each other.  Each player has a chance to use their strengths and they become less dependent on Wax pulling the weight.

An interesting appearance from Hoid, as well as the discovery of a lost people, add a depth to the series as well as the entire Cosmere.  Being an unplanned installment of the books, it was unexpected that so many new secrets would be revealed.  Which adds to the mystery of author, Mr. Sanderson, and how many twists and turns he has in store for us.

With the big turn of events and strong characters, Bands of Mourning stands apart, at least for me, from the other Wax and Wayne stories.  Leaving us with more questions about this world than ever before, patience will be put to the test waiting on the final book.  A 5/5 read, as long as you have all read the history leading up to these events.  Additionally, as a wrap up for the series thus far, the Mistborn series is a 5/5, that is entertaining for everyone.  I highly recommend getting on board now, as each piece that is released broadens the horizons of the entire fantasy genre.  Approachable by readers of all ages, Mistborn uses none of the tropes or hooks of other, more popular series coming out right now.

Thanks booknerds, that is a temporary wrap on the Mistborn Monday event, to return after my much anticipated read through of Secret History, in November.


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  1. rakioddbooks says:

    I have the first three book, but the length is a bit intimidating so I haven’t started the series yet.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Green Onion says:

      Oh dont be intimidated, he writes big but practical. When its all done you will want more.

      Liked by 1 person

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