Stranger Things

Television series are not my forte, I have not watched many, in fact, this is my first television review.  My partner Jenn and I have many differing hobbies, she enjoys meditation and working out, while I would happily read and write all day.  While we can chat all night long, or spend time with our children, we do not get many date nights out.  Netflix is our friend, stuck in the house, we can mix up a bowl of popcorn and spend some mindless time together.  This last week we decided to give the Stranger Things mini series a go.

Created, written and directed by the Duffer brothers, Stranger Things is the Netflix exclusive series released in July 2016.  An homage to 1980’s suspense/thriller films, the show feels like a trip through time.  Reminding us of a simpler time in horror movies, and even references some of the favorite classics.  The entire 8 episode run feels like an 80’s adaptation of a Stephen King novel.  Taking some of the tropes and cheesiness, while showing us what we loved about the era.

Set in a 80’s small town in Indiana, the show features the mysterious, disappearance of a young pre-teen boy.  While his friends, family, and the local police chief persistently search for him, a larger supernatural conspiracy is unravelled.  A young girl arrives in the town with powerful telekinetic abilities, who is their connection to the parallel universe the young boy may be surviving in.

The nostalgic trip to the 80’s is done flawlessly.  The opening credits are done in a classic fashion, while the cinematography and storyline are also on pace.  Detailed by recognizable elements such as, hairstyles, vehicles, right down to Tupperware containers.  They took every chance to bring us back in time, convincingly the series looks like it was filmed three decades ago.

The cast and characters do a phenomenal job, highlighted by the actual 80’s super actress Winona Ryder.  Who, as she did with Beetlejuice or Edward Scissorhands, killed it.  The young cast of the four unpopular children, were hilarious and entertaining.  The references the kids make to 80’s pop culture brought this show to life.  Every character in the series was plotted out expertly, with a couple stand out arcs.

Overall, I thought the series was spectacular, 5/5, Jenn and I had to debate each night with watching another episode or being exhausted in the morning, when little Alex demands her breakfast and show.  I recommend this show to anyone, especially the lovers of 80’s thriller/horror films.  The only thing I wish was that this show was a book for me to read, enjoy, and review.

Thanks booknerds, errr netflixnerds?  Don’t get eaten by any Demogorgons today.


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  1. I have this on my list. Very excited after your review 😊

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  2. I’ve been hearing a lot about this series so I appreciate your insight! I think it’s going to have to go into my queue too.

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    1. Green Onion says:

      Im suprised Just Dreadful hasnt had you in this one yet. It is so good, we both loved it, and it takes something good for me to sacrifice 8hrs I could put into reading.

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      1. Kalie was pretty excited when I told her about it. So it looks like our TV time will be divided by another reviewing of ‘Seinfeld’ and trying ‘Stranger Things’!

        (Also, if it really freaks me out, I’m blaming you. But, to be fair, you’ll get the credit if/when I love it too!)

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  3. Curious Cat says:

    I’ve watched this series and thought the acting and plot were utterly fantastic! 💕👌🏻

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  4. Okay, so we just finished watching this yesterday and you were right. It was FANTASTIC. It 100% deserved all the hype it’s received. I can see why you’d put reading on hold to get sucked into this show.


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