The Martian by Andy Weir

I just realized that I had never posted this review.  I must have written this up a couple months ago, and it was lost amongst the many other documents.  Lucky for you, my beautiful followers, we get a bonus review this week.

I purchased this book completely for hype, which means my faith has been put into the hands of you amazing bloggers.  I am fresh to the blogging scene, but my preparation lead me to lots of interesting book reviewers across the internet.  One book stood out as a unanimous winner, The Martian by Andy Weir.  I had to know why this book received so many A+ ratings, why this newish book has been so quickly adapted into a blockbuster movie, and before I dabbled into said film, I had to get my nose in this, so loved, book.

I started reading and pretty quickly felt like I was not smart enough for this.  How could I not know how to make water out of hydrazine, don’t I know anything.  Throughout the story, you learn many new things, intelligently written by the end I feel smarter for reading the book.  The information Mr. Andy Weir puts into this story is impressive, and well thought out and he does an exemplary job of explaining these sciences to an unknowledgeable audience.  Sure its a bit boy scout-y and everything kind of falls into place too easily.  But this is a fictional story of desperate survival, written to show us how capable humans can be in desperate, seemingly impossible situations. Lets be honest not many of us could last 400 days on in the natural environments of Earth on our own, yet if I was abandoned to survive in the forest, I would think of this book and say ‘if Watney can survive on Mars, I should be okay’.

Mark Watney is a great character, your every nerd with a great education.  His lighthearted humour made this book that much more of an entertaining read.  Honestly, I would not want to read some whiny character complaining of his fate, while being sad and lonely.  And when he… Kay…-minor spoiler- when he concluded that he was a space pirate and he was going to use pirate-ninjas to get to his goal, I was sold.  -minor spoiler over- Some of the other humour was a little… not-so funny, it is funny, just not to the point other reviewers claim.

I do appreciate the story being broken up with other p.o.v’sm, during my read through I would get frustrated with them, as I just want to continue on.  It really worked for this story and it would not be the same book without all of the essential information of how Earth was fighting for Watney.  As much as it killed me at the time to stop reading about Watneys situation, the one p.o.v. would have been too much and the book would have lacked depth.  The additional characters were all interesting and complex, at least for their minor parts.  With such strengths as an author, I have to ask, why and how has Andy Weir not written more books?

All in all, I downed this book in record time for myself.  I was genuinely intrigued on how it would all play out.  Spending a couple late nights reading, the book was finished in just a few sessions.  Despite the ending being predictable and kind of anti climatic, I still felt satisfied.  This book goes down like morning coffee, keeping you interested in Watneys fate the entire way through.

I jumped on the movie as soon as I was done with the book.  Like the novel, the film had received great reviews, and who doesn’t love seeing an adaptation of a good book.  I was surprised with how close they kept the stories, doing an amazing job of bringing Mars and his temporary home to life.  Matt Damon killed it, typically a hit or miss actor, his portrayal of Watney was spot on with my imagination.  What minor alterations to the story were made, worked for the story, and the main plot points were all hit well.

A genuine 4/5 read that anyone would love.  After my completion I threw out a couple recommendations to friends.  Coincidently, two of my closest reading buddies had read the book around the same time as myself.  Unanimously, we spouted about how enjoyable, intelligent, and accessible The Martian was.  I would highly recommend it to anybody looking for an entertaining, quick read, great for a massive audience.

Thanks booknerds, for reading my over due post.


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  1. Srujan says:

    Beautifully reviewed! I loved this books too. And yes, it bothered me to get an another character’s POV equally! 😀

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  2. Nancy says:

    I choose this book for my library’s teen book club this summer! I made labels for water bottles that read “NASA reclaimed water ” and we made a snack of Martian soil & crops – chocolate pudding, crushed Oreos and dipped into it with potato chips. I thought I was a riot, the teens rolled their eyes, but happily ate their snacks and we had some good discussion.

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