Mistborn Monday: Guest Blog Post w/ Ericzor

Surprise!  Last week we wrapped up the reviews of each individual Mistborn installment (123456), and I presumed that was the temporary conclusion of the Mistborn Monday mini-event.  Then I talked to a close friend of mine about sharing his thoughts on the great series.  Eric is my adult fantasy reading buddy, over the last couple years we have shared many great books, and debated even more topics.  It was Eric who originally introduced me to Mistborn, and Brandon Sanderson, invigorating my love for fantasy, which pushed my passion for writing, that in turn lead me to blog.  So, in an indirect way, the Green Onion blog would not be here without him.  Without further ado, I am proud to bring to you, Ericzor.


What’s up, Eric here. Been a long time since I’ve written a blog post, but stoked to be here guest writing for my homie Green Onion. 

I have been reading for great many years. I started young, reading tons of Michael Crichton. Throughout the years I have read through most fiction sub-genres, sticking mostly now to Fantasy and Sci-fi series’.  There is nothing I love more than to be engrossed in a well written book series. In 2007, I spent about a year and half reading only Star Wars series’ and standalone novels, was pretty great, I read Star Wars until I couldn’t stand Star Wars, something I thought wasn’t possible. Immediately following I took the fantasy plunge, I started with Terry Goodkind’s Sword of Truth, at the time that was 11 books. I figured it was a good start. After that I checked out Raymond E Feist’s Magician series and discovered something. This series was made up of multiple smaller series. Progressing further and further into the future. I loved how this created a deeper lore and I could feel like I was part of the history in the books while reading further and further down the timeline. Unfortunately, around book number 13 or 14 and 6 micro series later I realized it was all just the same story over and over, and I was just bored, so I gave up.

I continued on my Journey along the fantasy road and eventually discovered Mistborn, I had actually bought the book over a year before I finally sat down and started reading it, and man was I HOOKED. I’ll start with the obvious, Allomancy is one of the most unique and fun systems of magic I have come across in the genre. Sanderson nailed it while writing all the action sequences with Vin and Kelsier. Second, Steel Inquisitor’s are beyond awesome. The Lord Ruler was a great villain (?) but let’s be real, the real scare was those inquisitor’s finding our heroes.

With a great set of character’s, I was engrossed throughout the whole trilogy and when finished I was hungry for more. Luckily, I was gifted with exactly that. I mentioned earlier that one of the reasons I had invested so much time into Feist’s series, was because it went further than the initial set of character’s and time period. Reading through Wax and Wayne’s adventures I would get so excited just at the simple mention of Vin’s statue in Elendel, even the fact that the city was named Elendel had me stoked. More than just the obvious though, this second series for me felt like I was more invested in Scadriel itself, allowing me to become closer to Wax even though he was a new character. Feeling like I know Harmony personally gave me even more of a reason to keep reading and I enjoyed Wax and the gang adventures as much as Vin and gang.

All six books of Mistborn have been a thrill ride, at first we we’re on the side of the thieves. Then we’re given the perspective into the lawman’s eyes. Makes you think. There isn’t a series yet that I have come across, that I feel more involved than Mistborn and I’m eagerly waiting The Lost Metal. Rumor has it that Hoid may be playing more of a role in the fourth installment. Until then read Secret History if you haven’t yet it makes re reading Mistborn a whole new adventure and maybe I’ll be lucky enough to come back and we can talk about that. Thanks for reading.


Thanks booknerds, and thanks Ericzor for being the first guest blogger on The Green Onion Blog.


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  1. I love Sanderson. My Broadside No. 3 post was about him. Loved this post of yers. Arrrrr!
    x The Captain

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