Top 10 Fictional Kings

​A couple weeks back I made a post about the Top 10 Fictional Queens.  Since then I have had a nagging need to compile a list of their royal counterparts.  Narrowing down a list of the 10 greatest Kings was much more difficult, with multiple more options.  The results are in…

10. Black Bolt

The King of the Inhumans, is also one of the strongest characters in the Marvel Universe.  His destructive hypersonic voice makes it nearly impossible to speak to his subjects without tearing up half his kingdom.  Black Bolt has one of the most loyal followings despite ruling his kingdom through spokespersons.

9. King Robert Baratheon

After earning his crown by smashing his way to the top with a warhammer, his rule of the Seven Kingdoms was at its most stable.  The untimely passing of this loved King was the catalyst of Westeros falling into war and multiple lords across the land claiming his throne for themselves.

8. King Julien

Lord of the Lemurs, voiced by Sacha Baron Cohen, rules a forest kingdom of non-stop partying.  Unorthodox in his methods, like demanding love and presents, King Julien holds a devout following.  Enjoying his singing and dancing, Julien’s colony of lemurs is probably the most entertaining kingdom on this list.

7. Goblin King

Sure, he steals babies and wears inappropriately tight tights, but its Bowie, so he gets a bit of leeway.  His domain of the Labyrinth has to be one of the most interesting kingdoms, despite his following of strange creatures.  Major props for killing it on the soundtrack, and creeping me out when I was young.

6. King Ad-rock

Musician, actor, producer, guitarist, DJ, rapper, Adam Horovitz would be my personal choice for King, being a loyal follower of the Beastie Boys for as long as I can remember.  He may not be fictional, or connected to literature, I just can’t help but to give my respect to the King Ad-rock.

5. Namor/Aquaman

This became a tough debate as I was writing this list.  Both Kings rule Atlantis with great strength and loyalty.  Namor on one hand, rules with strength and power, overprotective of his kingdom.  While Aquaman, makes bonds and loyalty the strength of his world.  Both are tasked with helping their delicate systems survive a modern world.

4. Black Panther

First appearing in 1966, the Black Panther was the first black super hero in main stream comics, paving the way for many great characters.  Defending his kingdom of Wakanda and their storage of valuable vibranium, with super strength, agility, and intelligence.  Black Panther is one of the most respected leaders in the Marvel Universe today and a force to be reckoned with.

3. Mufasa

King of everything the light touches, exempting that shadowy patch over there.  Holding onto the delicate balance of the Pride Lands, Mufasa ruled with strength and wisdom.  Mutually respected by all who knew his name, it took a most elaborate deception to dethrone this great King.

2. King Leonidas

Who does not love this Spartan King?  Comic to film Leonidas is one of the most bad ass characters out there.  Fighting to the last breath with courage and bravery against all the odds.  King Leonidas has gained all of our respect.

1. Aragorn II, son of Arathorn

Debatably the greatest rise to the throne in fantasy.  Aragorn is the ultimate noble, and earned his place every step of the way.  Following a moral code his entire journey, he is respected across all of Middle Earth.  And still not afraid to bow when respect is due.

Thanks booknerds, I need to go listen to some Beastie Boys and read Frank Miller books now.


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  1. Jason says:

    Love your #1 choice!

    Liked by 1 person

  2. Olaf Lesniak says:

    Perfect list except for King Annoying from Madagascar.


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