I’m Bored by Michael Ian Black

We are reaching the home stretch of summer break, the fun and events are over, the vacations and trips are wrapped up.  It’s the end of summer, time for back to school shopping and, seemingly, playing as many video games as possible.  Now, I don’t know about the kids in your life but my munchkins get bored, very fast.  Well, as with most kids challenges, there is a book for that.

I’m Bored is the creation of comedian, actor Michael Ian Black (Wet Hot American Summer, Ed) and artist Debbie Ridpath Ohi.  Published in 2012, encapsulating that demon that we all faced as children, and even scarier as parents, boredom.  A perfect book to pull out on a rainy afternoon when the children have had their fill of all their toys, games and puzzles.  It is also a good picture book for the small ones that are learning to read.

Starring an adorable little girl with nothing to do, her excitement rekindled when she finds a friend to play with, a potato.  Surprisingly, it is the potato which finds the girl unentertaining, claiming all children as boring.  ‘What are you talking about?’ the girl exclaims as she begins explaining all the great things kids do, such as cartwheels.  Which only seems to bore the potato further.  The girl pulls out the big guns, the most exciting thing children have in their arsenal, imagination.  After adventuring mountain tops, space, the circus and other fun events, the disgruntled potato continues with his simple retort of ‘I’m bored’.  Finding many ways to entertain herself and breaking her own doldrums, the young lady cuts her losses and ditches the disgruntled potato.  Hopefully a surprise cameo at the end of the book can cure the potato of his indifference.

Our modern world is jam packed with distractions and entertainment for children.  This short story is a great reminder to children that they hold a powerful and magical imagination inside them.  An obvious, relatable moral that children can grasp, look at their own situations and think ‘at least I’m not a potato’.

As a parent I really enjoyed I’m Bored, the minimalistic artwork is charming, with facial expressions that animate characters with verisimilitude.  This has to be the most darling potato I have seen in my life.  The simple dialogue is full of charisma and fun to read aloud, an entertaining book to share and laugh with the kids.  If your children are hitting those end of summer blues, or the weather has not been accommodating, I would highly suggest I’m Bored in your next library pick up.  A 4.5/5 that the whole family will enjoy.  The kids will love the characters and laugh at the situations, most importantly they will be pushed to use those amazing imaginations that each kid holds.

Thanks booknerds, I have to go entertain my own children now, as Zyler, literally, just a minute ago, said the words ‘I’m bored’. 😕


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  1. I’ve really enjoyed what I’ve read of Michael Ian Black in the humor/memoir category. This sounds wonderfully intriguing too! Oh Michael Ian Black…is there anything you can’t do?

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