Stormlight Archives Pocket Companion by Brandon Sanderson (Free eBook Download)

You may be surprised that my favorite ongoing series right now is not Mistborn despite the previous Mistborn Monday Event that filled a couple months of Monday reviews.  It is actually another major series that is connected to Mistborn through Brandon Sanderson’s Cosmere, The Stormlight Archives.  With two of the planned ten books released Mr. Sanderson has recently updated that the third installment, tentatively titled Oathbringer, is currently 71% through the first draft.  A planned release in 2017 is easy to believe as Brandon Sanderson has gone on record many times stating his love of writing endings.

On Wednesday, August 17th, Stormlight’s publishing company Tor Books released an offer for a free download of The Stormlight Archives Pocket Companion.  All that is necessary to receive the free ebook is to sign up, if you have not previously, for the Tor/Forge email newsletter.  Something I would recommend for you dear booknerds any ways, as the Tor/Forge blog is full of wonderful content and many an in depth read through on Tor’s amazing library.

Collect your free download through this link!

The companion was previously released in a limited edition hardcover only available in a specific 400 American bookstore retailers.  Much to my Canadian disappointment.  The free ebook release now gives fans of Stormlight and the Cosmere globally, an opportunity to have a copy for themselves.

The book itself is packed with details and information from the first two Stormlight books Way of Kings and Words of Radiance.  Analysis and profiles on main characters, descriptions on many of the unique landscapes, maps and illustrations fill the small companion book.  The highlight for myself and I am sure many other fans, is discriptions and examples on the multiple orders of the Knights Radiant.  A breakdown on the ecology of Roshar serves as a reminder of how big and in depth this epic fantasy is.

I downloaded a copy directly to my smart phone for easy reference which is driving an urge to reread these books over and over.  Unlike any series we have seen before, the companion builds anticipation for more Stormlight, soon to be temporarily quelled with the release of a new novella come November.  Much love and appreciation goes out to Mr. Sanderson who recognizes the needs of his fan base and jumps through these extra hoops to tide us over.  The Stormlight Archives Pocket Companion may not hold any information that is not previously available, however, straightening all the little details is much appreciated and a couple theories have now been confirmed.  If you are a fan of Stormlight do not miss this opportunity at the free ebook so that you may feel prepared for the major release of the third installment next year.

Thanks booknerds, have a storming good day.


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  1. Oh thank ye for the Tor link and bonus Sanderson stuff. I haven’t visited his blog in a bit and would have missed this.
    x The Captain

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    1. Green Onion says:

      Cheers Captain, glad I could assist.


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