Sunday Wrap Up

Sunday, Sunday, and it has been a great week.  I am going to start this weekly post to share all the great things going on in The Green Onion blogging world.  Recap what I got posted in the following week and give clues as to what is coming.  I have been very active in posting and have no intentions of slowing down.  With that all out there lets take a look at what is going on…

200+ Followers-

The Green Onion Blog hit a big milestone this week, pushing past 200 followers.  That is amazing, I feel great and appreciate every one who has visited this corner of the web, thank you.  It feels like a level up from a beginner, and my blog is now established.  Thanks again, booknerds!

Last weeks posts-

  • Monday’s review focused on Slyvain Neuvel’s 2016 premiere novel, Sleeping Giants, a book essentially about a giant robot!
  • The following day I dropped an introspective idea between the comparisons of food and literature, check out the recipe.
  • Thursday we combated the end of summer blues with a comedic children’s story, simply titled I’m Bored.
  • Tor dropped some free Brandon Sanderson material this week, so Friday I made sure that none of you missed the chance, here.
  • Capping off the week, the Green Onion combated a full on Zombie invasion.

Imporatant New Blog-

A couple weeks back, at the trail end of Mistborn Monday, we had a very special guest on The Green Onion Blog.  Well big news!  He is back, one of my closest and greatest friends has come out to play with us.  Ericzor’s Playhouse has gone live with a fresh new blog.  Focusing on his decades of video gaming experiences, Ericzor has many an opinion to share on many of games and other such topics.  Make sure to give him a solid WordPress welcome, and check out his first post on the biggest thing right now Pokemon Go and the all important egg hatching.


Be sure to check in this week, don’t miss out on tomorrows review about a very peculiar book.  A certain little hero takes centre stage for this weeks comic review.  For Thursdays children’s book I’m hungry to talk about a classic.  And are we ready for another top 10?  Suggestions, requests, let me know?

Thanks booknerds, sorry the weekends over.


2 Comments Add yours

  1. Zezee says:

    Woohoo!! Congrats on your 200 followers!! I haven’t yet tried Sanderson’s books (though I have the first couple Mistborn books), but I enjoy his writing podcast, Writing Excuses. The guys on it are hilarious! I was making my way through the Wheel of Time books in hopes that I would make it to the ones Sanderson wrote but it seems like I’m gonna give up on the series. I’m on the 6th or 7th book and Jordan’s writing is wearing me down.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Green Onion says:

      Thank you! I love Writing Excuses, that is such an entertaining and informative podcast, I listen every week. I would definetly recommend reading some Sanderson, and I know what you mean about Wheel of Time, ive read the first two and have no idea when I will ever get back into it.


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