This or That Book Tag

The This or That book tag, now I have seen this one around and every time I see it all I can think of is 1991’s The Choice is Your by Black Sheep.  LouiseLovesBooks, who sent a zombie plague my way last week, tagged me for this.  Thanks Louise, if you have yet to check out her blog please do yourself the favour, she just hit her one year mark and she is still busting out great content.  While the Black Sheep lyrics pump through my head let’s get to it…

The Rules:

  • Thank.
  • Answer.
  • Tag.

The Questions:

Reading on the Couch or in Bed?

One day I am going to have the nicest reading chair, as the kids say, goals.  For now I have been reading in bed.  However, the propping myself up on my elbows for hours is beginning to cause a mean sore in my shoulder.  Something is going to have to change soon.

Male or Female Main Character?

No preference.  Male is more prominent in the types of genres I read and I have no problem with that.  I love reading about a strong female lead too, there is something appealing about that.  And a strong woman reminds me of my great partner and can give me perspective sometimes.  I mostly enjoy them both as long as there are no major stereotypes.

Sweet Snacks or Salty Treats?

Chocolate and peanut butter is my poison and may one day be the death of me.  I guess my answer would be both, I love the combination.

Trilogies or Quartets?

That is a difficult question.  Depends on the series, I mean if you look at movies Star Wars makes sense as a trilogy but Alien is an outrageous quartet.  Then again if it is a great series why stop at four?… Yeah, final answer, why stop at four?

First or Third Person POV?

Typically I would say third person.  There are many exceptions but for the most part too much first person and I begin to get annoyed with the character.

Reading at Night or in the Morning?

Morning is for writing, the rest of the day is for reading.

Libraries or Bookstores?

I have an unbounding obsession with both.  I will generally get my novels at the bookstore and utilize the library for research, graphic novels and we will pick up a dozen children’s books per week.

Books that Make you Laugh or Cry?

Laugh, I have no room in my library for a book that will make me cry.  A book that can literally make you laugh out loud is priceless.

Black or White Book Covers?

What?  Black I guess, white might get smudged?

Character or Plot Driven Stories?

Big fan of ensemble pieces that are driven by relationships.  For the most part I like to read a good plot driven story though.

The Tags:

I will officially welcome Ericzor at Ericzor’s Playhouse to WordPress with his first tag.  Dont worry man there is no real pressure to do a book tag I know you’re a gamer.  Why have you not checked his blog out yet people?

Chocolatenwafflesblog is at the top of my notifications and we all know how I like to play.  You just got yo’self tagged.  Great blog by the way with a scrumptious name.

And who is up on my reader feed right now?  Ooh Rachael Reads you just got all tagged up.

Thanks booknerds, “…if that train goes off the tracks, pick it up, pick it up, pick it up.”


2 Comments Add yours

  1. Donna says:

    I bought the most amazing couch and it changed my life, haha! No more pain from staying too long on the bed, or trying to find the right position on the tiny couch I had previously!
    Chocolate and peanuts butter. I can’t eat them together, but both on a hot waffle and I’m in paradise!
    Haha, I already did that tag but thank you for the nomination and the compliment. I get hungry just looking at my blog’s name.

    Liked by 1 person

  2. If chocolate and peanut butter were to prove the death of me all I would think is, “Wow…what a way to go! I’ve made some good life choices!”

    Liked by 1 person

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