Sunday Mise en Place (Aug. 22nd to 28th, ‘016)


Same gimmick as last week, the Sunday Mise en Place, recaps what reviews and posts happened this past week for The Green Onion Blog.  Plus, a little teaser as to what’s coming up in the next few days.  A new weekly post as to keep myself, and you, up to date on the what’s going on.

So what’s going on?  This week was momentous in my garden I call home, as all our family court proceedings have been finalized, with everything in place for us to be successful.  Sometimes, the system works.  The little chives are getting very eager for the school year to begin, counting down the days.  And Jenn and I started playing some tennis, if you ever need a fun date, go find some rackets.

Last Weeks Post-

  • Tuesday, I dropped a list of picture books for the kids to get ready for school.  Parents can check it out here.
  • Ant Man was featured in this weeks comic review.  A 2015 series that shared release with the feature film.
  • I am so blown away at the movies coming out, that I had to talk about it.  Septembers releases are filled with potential hits.


A few great reviews are coming your way this week, as three great authors get featured.  A look at the debut novel from one of the biggest names in adult fantasy today, and it’s not Brandon Sanderson.  A publication company composes an unfinished children book from one of the greatest creative minds of all time.  And, my personal favorite comic book writer takes on a fresh look of a popular superhero team on Wednesdays review.  Also a look into pop culture history as we ring in a pretty special month.  All this and more as The Green Onion Blog approaches that 100th post.

Thanks booknerds, as always if you have any requests or suggestions, please feel free to comment.


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