Sunday Mise en Place (Aug. 29 to Sept. 4, ‘016)

Back for another Sunday Mise en Place.  To battle any confusion this is a weekly wrap up of what is happening for The Green Onion Blog.  Mise en Place is a French culinary term for ‘putting in place’. In culinary terms it refers to having all the required set up completed before cooking.  In Green Onion Blog terms its about having last week wrapped up, while being prepared for what is coming up.  Let’s have a look at what is going on…

100th Post-

That is right, this post, the one you are reading, right here, right now, is the 100th post on The Green Onion Blog.  That is a great milestone for me and I am excited to have shared so much with you, and still have much to talk about.  In celebration I will write a list of 100 posts you need to read!… Nah, that is ridiculous, but the archives are great and my development as a writer is clear from post 1 to post 99.  Thanks for sticking around booknerds.

The Future-

This should be a major month for the Green Onion.  Big changes are on the horizon, and I am working hard for the next phase of this blog.  Stick around, things are going to get good…

Last Weeks Posts-

  • I finally broke down The Name of the Wind on Mondays review.  A modern classic from a brilliant mind that everyone should read.
  • It had been a while since I did a character top 10.  Tuesdays Top 10 Archers came out great, with a couple surprise appearances.
  • This weeks comic review featured personal favorite, Jeff Lemire, taking on a new approach for the Teen Titans.
  • For Thursdays children’s book, I wrote up a heart warming review on a memorial storybook written for the late Dr. Seuss.  Check out Hooray for Diffendoofer Day.


In honour of my next 100 posts and The Green Onion Blog hitting phase two, next weeks posts will have a theme.  It’s sequels week.  All reviews this week will be #2’s, with some names reappearing from last week, and a comic I have been eager to read for a long time.  Look forward to another Top 10 and I return to do a sequel to an old blogger tag.

Cheers booknerds, here’s to another hundred.


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  1. copingqueen says:

    Congratulations on your 100th post!! Much continued success in the future and your posts are well written and I honestly enjoy reading them. Especially about the children’s books!! 🎉🎉🎉

    Liked by 1 person

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