Finding Dory

2003’s Academy award winning movie, Finding Nemo was a treasure of a film.  Released by Pixar, pre-Disney take over, Finding Nemo broke industry standards in computer animation and story telling.  Ultimately, redefining what a children’s animated film could be.  One of the highest grossing films of its time, with a long run as the number one ‘g’ rated film ever, and still boasting the highest number in total DVD sales.  Which begs the question, why did it take 13 years to release a sequel?

After many rumours and a campaign push on the Ellen DeGeneres Show, Finding Dory had its long awaited release on June 17, ‘016, featuring reprised roles from Ellen DeGeneres and Albert Brooks, as well as a swarm of new talented voices.  Upon release, Finding Dory has slid into place as the second highest grossing Pixar film, fourth biggest release of 2016, and seventh largest grossing animated film of all time.  Not bad considering parents were more excited for this release than their children were.

This sequel focuses on the journey of  forgetful Tang fish Dory, as she battles her amnesiac tendencies in hopes of remembering her family and origins.  Accompanied by old friends Marlin and Nemo, Dory’s short term memory loss causes her to be separated from her companions, an ocean away from their home.  With the assistance of new friends, old memories and a surprise cameo from Sigourney Weaver (or as I like to remember her, Ripley), Dory navigates the Marine Life Institute, or the Jewel of Morro Bay, in search of her long lost parents.  In the end Dory discovers that her family is bigger than she ever thought as her many friends rally to save her from the isolated horror of Cleveland.

With much of the same heart as its original, Finding Dory is an inspirational story of adventure, friends and family.  Returning characters are handled gracefully, with even Marley and Nemo growing and bonding closer as father and son.  New additions to the cast add a depth to this world that almost demands a third film.  Much in the form of Toy Story, as new lovable characters are introduced, there is much more to this world that we want to see.

An enjoyable film for the whole family, the elements we love from the original stand strong in this sequel.  The sense of wonder that came with Finding Nemo has been kind of lost and for that I feel that Finding Dory is not a strong a film as the first.  Still very enjoyable, and better than most animated film, the humour, heart and morals still shine through.  4/5, a movie that kids and parents will love.  If you loved the first film, Finding Dory does not disappoint and I recommend checking it out as soon as possible.

Thanks booknerds.  2003’s Academy award winning movie, Finding Nemo was a treasure of a film.  Released by Pixar, pre-Disney take over, Finding Nemo broke industry standards…


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  1. masonlou says:

    I need to watch this. I can’t tell you how many times I watched finding nemo with my daughter. Great review


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