The Day the Crayons Quit by Drew Daywalt

There is an abundance of children’s picture books these days.  A trip to the library or bookstore kidlit sections can be overwhelming.  Apart from the classics that have survived generations it can be difficult to differentiate the quality from the mundane.  It takes a certain amount of creativity and wit for a child’s story to stand out in a sea of colourful, imaginative books.  Todays kidlit review features a book that has all the tools for entertaining overly entertained kids, with enough cleverness to attract parents to pick it up.

Debut author Drew Daywalt teamed up with best selling illustrator Oliver Jeffers, to create a New York Times Bestseller, in The Day the Crayons Quit.  Published in 2013, the picture book was met with praise from critics, parents, and children everywhere.  Winning multiple awards as picture book of the year on Goodreads, Amazon and Barnes and Noble, gaining attention for its originality and memorable laughs.

After a collection of disgruntled crayons quit their jobs, poor little Duncan is left with a box of letters.  Each crayon describing their frustrations with how they have been used.  An over used blue crayon cannot handle filling in so many skies and oceans. Two crayons are in a disagreement over which colour the sun should be.  And, many other colours that believe they’re not being used to their full potential.  Each page, a letter addressed to Duncan with understandable demands, how can he appease them all to get the crayons to return to work?

The bright coloured illustrations of award winning Oliver Jeffers, make the world of the crayons pop.  Child inspired crayon drawings that will in turn inspire children on what they can create.  It is the humour that drives this book and you will wonder how the author got inside the heads of a box of colouring supplies.  The letters composed or cleverly thought out making you feel sympathetic for each misused crayon.

The Day the Crayons Quit is an originally inspired book, deserving of its instant recognition.  Kids will love every entertaining page, being pushed to think outside the box, and use their colours in new exciting ways.  A 5/5 for a unique and hilarious story, parents will love to read and children will demand over and over again.

Thanks booknerds, I’m going to go pay attention to my beige crayon.


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  1. TeacherofYA says:

    Cute! I love the idea! 👍

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