ARC: Good Morning, Superman by Michael Dahl and Omar Lozano

Kids love to play superhero.  It is one of those age-old rights of passage to pretend to have the strength of ten men, run at incredible speeds, or fly high into the clouds.  We all did it, I remember jumping off the couch to see if I would float around the living room, or pretending I could lift the family car.  Honestly, I still try to use webslingers to reach that remote control, and pretend it’s ‘the force’ opening the automatic doors at the grocery store.  I see it in my son who wants to move like the Flash or smash like Hulk.  Every kid wants to be like their heroes.

Good Morning, Superman is just the book for children who dream big and want to be faster than a speeding bullet.  Available in spring 2017, your little superheroes can join in this imaginative adventure.  Award winning author of more than 200 children’s and YA stories, Michael Dahl, teams up with comic illustrating vet, Omar Lozano, to bring Superman into the morning routine.  The result being a bright, inspiring book that will get kids excited about getting ready for school in the morning.

As the sun breaks in the morning a young boy gathers his strength to start the day.  Just like the iconic superhero, he must don his uniform, move at super speed and face his biggest fears.  The boy may not be flying high and battling arch nemesis Lex Luthor, but eating breakfast and brushing his teeth with his kryptonite coloured tooth paste are just as valuable in getting ready for his day.  With the help from some super friends, and a kiss from Mom, he will be ready to soar up, up, and away.

The radiant and colourful illustrations of this super lad and his favorite powerful hero, make this book pop.  An attractive theme for young kids that make the mundane routines exciting in a way that is as strong as steel.  The encouraging words and resonant themes will make this book a favorite for many growing sidekicks.  The creative team behind this story pulled off a champion.

Good Morning, Superman is a great book that my kids were excited to read.  The bright images of the man of steel insured that this is a book that kids want to read.  A clear winner for fans young and old, this book was equally fun for the kids and myself.  4/5, I would recommend picking this book up for the tiniest super heroes in your life.  And, a thank you to NetGalley and Capstone for the opportunity to read this one to my kids early.

Thanks booknerds, up, up, and away!


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  1. TeacherofYA says:

    How cute! I should get this for my nephew Tatum when it comes out! He loves Superheroes!


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