Top 10 Fictional Shapeshifters

​The ultimate tool in espionage is a good disguise.  We have seen the practical effects in many movies, books and comics.  The ability to change the way you look is a power not to be underestimated, as these chameleons can show up anywhere.  Origins of shape shifting reach all the way back to the Greek gods of lore, who would use the power to hide amongst the world of man.  Specifically Zues, who would use this ability to hide from his wife.  Handy.  Let’s take a look at ten of the best modern metamorphers in fiction, minus Donald Trump who may or may not be an actual reptilian alien…

10. Chameleon

Spider-Man’s very first villain, appearing in The Amazing Spider-Man #1 (1963).  This face changing villain has been a torment to many of Marvel’s hero lineup.  Originally having no true powers, Dmitri Anatoly Nikolayevich Smerdyakov, used makeup and outfits, until he acquired the holographic technology that allows him to change his appearance at the push of a button.

9. TenSoon

The third generation Kandra had a major part to play in the first Mistborn trilogy.  Bounded by his lifelong contract, TenSoon’s morals took over, making him a rebel of his own kind.  In the end he leads a revolution for an entire shapeshifting species.  One of the most beloved characters from a series with many stand out players.

8. Odo

Chief of security on the Deep Space Nine Space station, Odo, uses his abilities to keep the ship safe.  One of the hundred of his species sent out to explore the galaxy, he was found adrift in space as a gelatinous blob.  Eventually, after proving his sentience and attempting to adopt the human form, Odo earned his place in the Federation.

7. Ben 10

Ben Tennyson uses his alien watch device to transform into 10 different alien species.  Useful to infiltrate alien communities and use more powerful forms to protect himself.  The award winning cartoon series has spun a franchise of reboots, movies, toys and more.

6. Jake the Dog

Along with his partner, Finn the Human, Jake is an adventurer and hero in the land of Ooo.  The ability to stretch, shrink and shape his body into any form necessary, has pulled Jake and his friends out of many situations.  With a laid back approach, he loves to be a part of the action.  A fan favorite, that has made many cameo appearances, most recently in The Simpsons couch gag.

5. The Thing

The mysterious extraterrestrial lifeform consumes and imitates other organic species.  Discovered in Antarctica, the Thing from another world terrorizes a scientific research station.  It’s greatest strength being the paranoia of which form the creature has taken.  Inspired by a novella from author John W. Campbell jr., The Thing has inspired many films, books, comics and radio plays.

4. Beast Boy

For never having his own successful comic title, Beast Boy has become a house hold name and a fan favorite.  Key member of the Teen Titans, Garfield Logan contracted a disease as a child that turned his body green.  A side effect of his condition also gave Beastie his ability to shapeshift into any animal, although they always come out green as well.  The light hearted, humorous character has appeared in multiple comic super teams, television, film, video games and the hearts of many children.

3. T-1000

The shapeshifting android assassin sent back in time to terminate John Carter.  Made out of liquid metal, the prototype series 1000 terminator has the ability to take any form.  An upgrade of Arnold Schwarzenegger’s key note character, the T-1000 is nearly indestructible.  Also, the swords for hands is a cracking addition. 

2. The Skrulls

The resident extraterrestrial shapeshifting species of the Marvel universe, first appeared in Fantastic Four #2 (1962).  Since their first visit to Earth, the strange race has been obsessed with the invasion of our little planet.  With genetic alteration, the Skrulls have found ways to imitate the powers of Earths mightiest heroes, and at one point came extremely close to a complete invasion.

1. Mystique

The ultimate mutant when it comes to espionage and infiltration.  Raven Darkholme has a rich history in the X-Men universe.  Appearing as a leader and member of The Brotherhood, X-Factor, Dark X-Men, many others and the title team.  Mystique typically plays the part of villain, but her morals stand with what is best for mutant-kind.  The ideal power of sexual fantasies, she gains her power as part of her mutant genetics which also turned her true form blue.  Mystique has proven time and again that she can show up anywhere, at anytime, being one of the most enigmatic and elusive mutants in comics.

Thanks booknerds, or are you who you say you are?…


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  1. Excellent idea for a post! I may have to steal it from you one day. 😉

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  2. TeacherofYA says:

    I love that you included Jake!
    🎼🎤Makin pancakes, making bacon pancakes…make some bacon and I put it on a pancake…makin pancakes, makin bacon pancakes…BACON PANCAKES!!🎼🎤

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    1. Green Onion says:

      Haha, nice Jake limerick, I love when he makes the perfect sandwich


  3. zhyxtheman says:

    The Thing 100% Great movie.

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