I Hate Fairyland by Skottie Young

Celebrated for his outlandish, characteristic illustration style, Skottie Young is one of the biggest names in comics today.  His work on The Wonderful Wizard of Oz series and a collection of books with, the great Neil Gaiman, are unforgettable.  Consistently producing fan favorite variant covers for Marvel’s biggest titles, Mr. Young is well known for his classic cartoon style.  Especially with his latest Marvel title Rocket Racoon, where everything has a dark ‘Looney Tunes’ feel.  Finally, Skottie Young has his own title with full creative control, and it is a must see as to what his mind will come up with.

I Hate Fairyland hit production in October 2015, with the first collected paperback released in April of 2016.  Earning much critical success, the comic is bound for high rewards as the story continues and word gets around.  Mr. Young gives credit to influences of Mad Magazine, Lobo, and Tank Girl, but is a black comedy focused on fairy tale clichés.

The story moves fast as Gertrude a cute six-year-old, green haired, cutie of a girl, is granted her wish and eaten by her floor to arrive in ‘a world filled with wonder, and magic, and laughter, and joy’.  Sent on a quest through the bright and colourful landscape by Queen Cloudia, a days trip ends up turning into 27 years.  Still the bright eyed little girl, but with a resentful mind of a grown disgruntled woman, Gertrude continues her search for the key home.  Along with her companion, a cigar smoking fly named Larry, they shoot and kill all the fluffy and cute creatures that stand in their way.  Queen Cloudia, fed up with Gertrude’s lengthy adventure, and psychotic killing spree, goes through whatever she can to inadvertently kill off Gertrude before she causes even more trouble.

The fast paced adventure zooms through many unique landscapes and colourful characters.  A non-stop ride through a wonderful dream world with the most drastic of outcomes.  The story and art pull you along so fast there is no room to breath.  Gertrude finds a way to make all the amazing magic of Fairyland into a gory scene.  The contrast of bright colours and fluffy characters with the blood and guts of Gertrude’s wrath is eerily satisfying.  And, often a scene is ended abruptly in the most heinous of manners, leaving you questioning the authors mental health.

Gertrude is a clever character, turning the bubbly, pink, princess trope up on its head.  Every thing that gets thrown in her way is met with a hilarious, yet disturbing outcome, and there is nothing to stop her.  Each other character, majority not lasting an issue, or page, have their own unique characteristics and it is amazing how much Skottie Young is able to produce and fit into the pages.

An absolute winner, there is nothing not to like about this comic.  The dark humour in such a classic setting, makes this book enjoyable the whole way through.  With elements of Alice’s Adventures in Wonderland to The Wizard of Oz, we get to see a much creepier, gory version of what those worlds would be like if a serial killer was let loose.  5/5, I slammed this book and begged for more, a complete joy ride of the highest creative proportions.  A must read for anyone, over the age of majority, there are so many laugh out loud moments, I believe everyone will find this book enjoyable.  As disturbing as that thought may be.

Thanks booknerds, now get the Muffin Fluffin’ outta here.


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  1. Annnnd yet another book added to the ol’ reading list care of Green Onion. I think I might need to eventually start budgeting part of my paycheck for “Things Green Onion made me think I needed to buy, read, and then re-read 1,000 times.” Seriously though, this sounds so interesting!


    1. Green Onion says:

      This one is totally fun and worth the money spent, even if for a good laugh

      Liked by 1 person

  2. Dean says:

    I Hate Fairyland is my favourite comic series on the shelves at the minute! I think it’s fair to say I wait very impatiently every month for the next issue 😀

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Green Onion says:

      I am so glad I picked it up, this is one of those rare comics that are entertaining on every page.

      Liked by 1 person

  3. TeacherofYA says:

    Love the artwork! I am checking this out, and I saved the cover! Excellent share! 🙌


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