Sunday Mise en Place (Oct. 3 to 9, ‘016)

Happy Thanksgiving Mise en Place (I thought that was way funnier in my head).  Before I get that turkey in the oven and build my mise en place for the big dinner, lets get this week wrapped up on The Green Onion Blog and have a guess at what is coming soon.  But first what is going on?

What’s Going On?

Other than lots of the cookery these last couple days, the world decided to get into the season.  As it dropped the first solid snow fall of the year on us.  The novelty is worn off already…  Especially since there is no hockey yet.  The little turkeys have their Halloween costumes picked out, and I tell you, they are going to be awesome.

Last Weeks Posts-

  • If your kids are learning or about to learn to read, definetly check out this post on Raz-Kids.
  • Getting into the festive mood, Friday featured a post regarding the top Thanksgiving movies.


A great week planned out so be sure to check in.  A dark prince destined to rule the world in Mondays book review.  A couple other reviews where we hunt some ghosts, and meet a mighty robot.  The analyzing character archetypes series returns later this week and much more, so I’ll see you around friends.

Thanks booknerds, happy turkey eating!


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