Top 10 Comic Femme Fatals

​Last week on The Green Onion Blog, I wrote up an article on a classic character archetype, the seductress.  With such prominent characters with the same such archetype being present in the comic book media, I thought it would be worth a look at ten of the most famous femme fatales in the super community.  In the words of my favorite new ghostbuster femme, ‘let’s go’…

Honorable mention: Harley Quinn

Worthy of a mention, Harley Quinn can play the part of the seductress flawlessly, becoming a major sex symbol in pop culture over the last few years.  I hesitate with adding her to the list because, as great of a seductress she is, she can also play a wide range of archetypical figures.  And, at her core, I see Harley Quinn as more of a scorned and damaged lover.

10. The Silhouette

The resident seductress of the Minute Men, was also a major influence on their downfall.  The sex symbol broke many hearts when it was revealed that she was a lesbian, in a time and world where such things were not received well. After her removal from the team of heroes, she was found murdered with her lover, with derogatory slangs written on the wall with her blood.  A catalyst for the banishment of masked vigilantes known as the Watchmen.

9. Black Cat

Spider-mans own resident femme fatale, has succeeded and failed in her countless attempts at seducing the web slinger.  Black Cat a.k.a Felicia Hardy, is an on-again, off-again criminal, with ‘daddy issues’ and a soft spot for the web head.  Going on many adventures and patrols with the man she loved, until it was revealed he was just humble Peter Parker and she began to feel like a burden in his life.

8. Vampirella

The iconic vampire seductress from another world.  Using her countless abilities to rid the world of Dracula’s ‘evil’ vampires.  One of the most revealing and attractive costumes in all of comic books.  Vampirella was the first crush of many young comic book nerds.

7. Black Widow

Such is her namesake, this deadly vixen is known to use her looks to manipulate for whatever side she is playing on today.   Smart, talented and sexy, the casting of Scarlet Johansson to play Natalia Romanoff was nearly perfect, short on the Russian accent.

6. Catwoman

The longest running love interest of the Dark Knight, Catwoman a.k.a Selina Kyle, has been entangled with Batman since his original creation.  Many versions of this femme fatale have crossed all media, with one string tying all of them together, the skin tight suit used to snare in her prey.

5. Talia Al Ghul

Oh, Batman, you are such a sucker for the ladies, with the largest vixen rogue gallery.  Talia Al Ghul however, is probably the most successful at seducing the caped crusader.  Equally, successful at tormenting the poor guy, with the most horrid of children.  Still, Talia is a dangerous femme fatale with an even more dangerous family.

4. Mystique

Said it before, and I’ll say it again, Mystique is the ideal symbol of a sexual partner, no matter your preferences.  Like previously mentioned, Harley Quinn, Mystique has the ability to cross many archetypes.  Actually, technically, due to the nature of her powers she can play all of them.  How could you not be seduced in, by a woman who can be what ever you want her to be.

3. Emma Frost

Sexy, pale, Emma Frost.  With the tightest and skimpiest of outfits, she doesn’t need her mind control to know what men are thinking when she enters the room.  But, if you don’t fall for her looks she can always make you.  This seductress gets whatever she wants.

2. Poison Ivy

Secreting floral toxins is her game, as she seduces anyone into her poisonous trap.  Another deadly member of Batman’s numerous villains, Pamela Isley tops his many femme fatales because of her super talents to thorn him in.

1. Jo

Josephine from the Fatale chronicles by Ed Brubaker is intentionally the quintessential archetype femme fatale.  Having a supernatural talent to seduce men to her will, often causing much more problems than good.  If you are looking to find the perfect description of the archetype than look no further.

Thanks booknerds, try and contain yourself.


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  1. Kee The Reader says:

    Love this


  2. Anne says:

    Emma Frost and Vampirella could use a scarf or two but otherwise, lovely list! 😉

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  3. Love this post! Beautiful images too!

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  4. TeacherofYA says:

    All femme fatale seem to show their goodies when they apparently don’t have to…I never understood that.


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