Winnie the Witch by Valerie Thomas and Korky Paul

Halloween is approaching and it is time to get in the spooky spirit.  Hitting the holiday section of the library you can find an abundant amount of picture books for the terrifying season.  As with all children’s books it can be difficult to narrow down the quality.  Fortunately, there is one series that features an appropriate and entertaining character, that kids and parents have loved for decades.

Approaching the thirtieth anniversary, Winnie the Witch was originally published in 1987.  Now featuring a series of fifteen books, Winnie has sold over five million copies world wide.  Written by Valerie Thomas and illustrated by the wild, and established artist Korky Paul.  It has also recently been announced that there will be a television series produced based off of the book series.

The first book in the long run is simply titled Winnie the Witch.  Winnie lives in a black house, with all of the trimmings and appliances sharing the same pitch, black.  The only problem is Winnie’s beloved pet cat, Wilbur, also happens to be black.  When Wilbur is awake he is easy to spot due to his green eyes.  Unfortunately, cats sleep a lot, and in the most random places.  After many incidents of Winnie sitting on, or tripping over her camouflaged cat, she decides to make a change.  Her magic granting her the powers to alter her kitties colour, she transforms poor Wilbur, green.  But, after he is sent outside for sleeping on the bed, Wilbur is lost in the green grass.  Frustrated, Winnie again transforms her cat, this time an unflattering rainbow hodge podge.  Embarrassed, Wilbur sulks in a tree, being taunted by the birds.  Sympathetic, Winnie realizes her mistake, turns her cat back to his happy black, and abracadabra, turns her black home bright colourful, never to lose Wilbur again.

The clear moral of not trying to change your friends gets across effectively to children.  For a witch, Winnie is lovable character, and you cant help but fall for her wonderful cat.  The illustrations are bright, wild, and attractive for all audiences.  This is a great book, and a great series, especially with Hallows Eve approaching.  4/5, your children will love it, so be sure to read it to them soon.

Thanks booknerds, 11 days until trick or treating.


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  1. confabler says:

    What an amazing book!
    I think I’ll enjoy it a lot. I once read that someone had named their black cat ‘eyes on the floor’ because they could spot it only by its eyes on the black floor. Sadly they didn’t have magic.

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  2. I love a good kids book – especially a Halloween oriented kids book. This sounds great!


  3. Aww, I love it! I am looking for Halloween inspired books and this is just perfect (because I am a chicken and scared to pick up any of Stephen King’s books) 😀

    Liked by 1 person

  4. TeacherofYA says:

    Super cute message for kids of all ages!


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