Sunday Mise en Place (Dec. 5 to 11, ‘016)

Happy Sunday, welcome back to the Mise en Place where the Green Onion Blog gets organized for the week.  I had a fun time this past week with an eclectic collection of posts, adding to the diversity of the blog.  Before we get into that, or what you can look forward to next week, I like to start by talking about what’s going on.  So…

What’s Going On-

Damn.  It got cold.  After a tame start to the winter this year, it has now hit with a vengeance.  With temperatures the lowest they have been in Calgary for years that means it is the coldest I have felt since I have moved back here.  Living in a much more manageable climate before that, means it is the coldest weather I have seen for 10+ years.  The coldest my children have felt in their lives.  Heck, I think it is the coldest temperatures my partner has ever had to suffer, sorry Jenn.

Zyler had his big grade one Christmas concert this week.  With a rock ‘n roll theme, he looked so adorable with his air guitar, singing a jingle bells version of ‘We Will Rock You’.  It is so enjoyable as a parent to watch these events.  Great job Zyler, and all the kids out there performing for their families this month.

I am finally starting to feel better.  After a week of a lingering cold, I got hit with a bonus flu.  So, I was double sick.  Bloody winter, everything takes so much more effort when it is this cold out and you can barely breath.  I’m tackling this head-on next week, and going to try and make it through 2016 in one piece.

Last Weeks Posts-

  • This weeks comic review was more of a trip down memory lane with, The Walking Dead.
  • The class clown takes the forefront in the return of the Analyzing Character Archetype series.


Kicking off with yet another mini installment of Mistborn Monday.  Followed up with a look at all the great movies that we have to look forward to in the near future.  Batman will once again take centre stage for this weeks comic review.  Then, a review of a classic Christmas carol with a Canadian twist.  Maybe, eventually I will get to those book tags I owe you.  All this and more, so, I will see you around this week.

Thanks booknerds, happy Star Wars premiere week!


2 Comments Add yours

  1. Donna says:

    I love kids’ shows, they’re adorable 🙂 I love winter until it turns me into a cold mummy sick for three weeks straight. Hang in there, we’re in the middle of it, spring will be here soon. I hope.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Green Onion says:

      I really shouldnt be complaining we had a really late start to winter. I just hope that doesnt mean we get a late spring.


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