Sunday Mise en Place (Dec. 12 to 18, ‘016)

One week left before Christmas.  What?  It seems the older you get the quicker it sneaks up on you.  In fact, I specifically remember when I was 8-years-old the first few weeks of December being at least 3 months long.  Well, it’s Sunday and that means it is Mise en Place time.  Where we have a look at a week in review of the Green Onion Blog.  But first, I like to kick things off with talking about what’s going on for me.  So, what’s going on?

What’s Going On-

The longest cold snap in 20 years has finally let up.  Which needless to say is a relief.  Especially considering Zyler is done school for the year and he is already getting wound up with boredom.  At least now we can get him outside without our fingers falling off.  It’s funny, Jenn and I were talking about how Zyler used to be so quiet.  He was nervous and bashful, afraid to say anything.  Now we cant stop him from talking.  It’s a double edge sword.  Happy he has come out of his shell, but at the sacrifice of our sanity.

Speaking of sacrifice, Alex was very confident in her definition of the word yesterday when she told us “sacrifice means when Toad gets fire powers.  That’s a sacrifice.”  She’s getting there.  The girl is more excited than anyone for our trip to BC this Friday.  Because she gets to see her absolute favorite person in the world.  It’s not Santa, it’s her Nana.

Rogue One!  Packed up my family for an afternoon showing of the Star Wars story on Friday.  And, oh. My. Goodness.  That movie was everything it needed to be and more.  Adding depths and layers to episode 4, and the original trilogy even.  It was spectacular and I need to see it again and then again, and probably again.  I was going to talk about how great this movie was but, Michael at My Comic Relief nailed it with his spoiler free review, check it out here.

Oh, I almost forgot.  Tried ear candling this week.  There is this process of sticking a hollow candle in your ear and lighting it on fire.  Its suppose to suck the excess wax from inside your ear canal.  I guess the ancient Egyptians did this.  Any ways, I was asking Jenn about this and being the nurse she is, she wanted to try it.  A few hours later I have a fire out the side of my head.

Strange experience.  I’ll spare you the aftermath, but there was quite a bit that came out.  I could hear the wax bubbling out of my ear and at the end my hearing went up.  Worth a try folks.  Jenn made me help her the very next day.

Last Weeks Posts-

  • Tuesday we looked ahead at 2017 and all the amazing movies we have to look forward to.  It’s a jam packed year of great films, check out the list.
  • As part of the Analyzing Character Archetypes series we did a breakdown of the 10 funniest superheroes that make us laugh out loud while reading comic books.


Things are going to look a little different this week.  With Santa on his way in just seven more sleeps, I thought I would get in a festive mood around here.  All week long you can expect reviews on timeless favorite Christmas stories.  Let me know what your favorites are and we’ll see if I can fit it in.

Thanks booknerds, peace on Earth and all that.


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  1. Funny how we always wish our kids would speak more and then one day they will not stop 😜😂 wait until the teens years. Scary haha.

    I have always wanted tontry ear candles, but obviously with my illness I do not do anything my specialist doesn’t recommend. So it is pretty cool to see it worked for you! How awkward and fascinating. Love it!


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