Sparkle the Christmas Light

Kicking off this weeks Christmas extravaganza on the Green Onion blog, I thought I would start with a personal favorite.  One, that nobody is talking about and nobody else probably cares about.  He is a friend of Santa Claus, he is a hero to all of the other tree decorations, and he is a king among his people.  Sparkle the Christmas light.

Every year growing up my mother would give me a new ornament for the tree.  Typically they would have some connection to the year we had.  Mickey Mouse for the year we went to Disney World.  A hockey player for when I played minors.  A cook for the year I decided that would be a fun profession (whoops).  There is a couple pieces from my first Christmas, and my personal favorites.  First there is baby Kermit, straight from Muppet Babies.  Which I recently discovered was debuted the same week of my birth.

And, of course, there is Sparkle.  The goofy looking red lightbulb with the golden crown.

This is vintage 80’s right here.  Rare and collectable.  Honestly.  I was blown away in my Google search that there is only one available on the whole interweb, at a whopping $137.57 CA.  I would be selling this cute little monstrosity, if he hadn’t burnt out a few years ago.  Complete, with Sparkle himself, you also receive a book, sheet music with lyrics, and a cassette tape, featuring a story and a ridiculously awesome theme song.

Now, I don’t really remember the story of Sparkle, so I’m gonna guess.  Sparkle was born a hard done by Christmas light.  At the end of the string he was always lost at the bottom of the tree, covered by tinsel (this was the 80’s when tinsel was still a thing).  Every Christmas he would have to look up at the Angel, dominant on the pinnacle of the holiday tree.  Santa would roll in on December 25th and hand out candy canes to all his favorite decorations.  Sparkle and many of his friend lightbulbs got the snub.  In 1982, Sparkle a full grown bulb, lead his fellow lightbulbs in a mutiny for the tree.  When Santa arrived that year, Sparkle had hung the tree angel by its own halo and melted down its golden wings to create himself a crown.  Threatening to harm the other ornaments Sparkle blackmailed Santa into donning him King of all the Christmas lights.  Every year Santa returns to give Sparkle his offerings of candy canes and popcorn on a string.

Or something like that.

Perhaps we owe Sparkle the King of the Christmas lights for assuring that Santa return each year.  Or, maybe, it is some cute tale about Sparkle and Santa being buddies and Sparkle helping him find your tree by shining brightly.  But, meh.  I like my story better.

Thanks booknerds, all hail King Sparkle!


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  1. Zezee says:

    Aww. I always thought that’s a sweet tradition for Christmas: ornaments for trees.

    Liked by 1 person

  2. On the sparkling note, I decided to nominate you for a Mystery Blogger Award! Merry Christmas buddy. If I’m awarding blogs that I love to read and whose diversity I value, I’m naturally coming here. As always, you shouldn’t feel pressured to do the post if you don’t want to. I enjoy your stuff regardless :).


  3. Charles Bailey says:

    Do you still have your book, box and tape? Would you consider selling if so?


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