New Year Mise en Place ‘017

Happy 2017!  It is nice to be through the busy holiday season.  Between the celebrations and the travelling it was an exhausting week.  Well, now it is a fresh year and may the blogging begin.  There are lots of things to be excited about, and it all starts with getting things going on The Green Onion Blog.  But first, lets see what’s going on…

What’s Going On-

Christmas was wonderful.  Zyler and Alex had an amazing time and were spoiled with all the things they love.  There really is nothing better than seeing your children’s faces on Christmas morning.  Our trip to BC was wonderful and we were all happy to be back to what feels like home for me and truly is home for the rest of my amazing family.

After slipping in my last book of 2016 on the 30th, I completed my Goodreads challenge.  After stressing about that all year and trying to keep ahead on reading for the blog I think I am going to lay off this year.  Reading is supposed to be fun, not a chore.  So, no Goodread challenge for me this year and I am just going to read for the sake of it.  Which means I may have to get creative on my usual Monday book reviews, but worth it.


Rolling into 2017, tomorrow I will be kicking things off with a look back at some of my favourite reads of the last year.  After that we need to take a look at what January has brought us in pop culture history.  Then we will return to some regularly scheduled reviews with a graphic novel review on Wednesday and kidlit on Thursday.

So, here’s to a successful and joyous year, thanks booknerds.


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