2016 Green Onion Awards

Welcome to the first ever Green Onion Awards.  Cute, hey?

It has been a great year for reading and this is a wonderful way to recap some of the highlights.  With 20 categories ranging from film to kidlit to comics to novels, there has been so many great reads to discuss and the best part of ‘016 for me has been creating this outlet for me to dork out on.  Without further ado, the most meaningless awards on the internet, the Onions…

Favourite New Release Children’s Book

Nobody Likes a Goblin by Ben Hatke

The amazing picture book that brings children into an adorable classic fantasy setting.  With the Goblin as the main protaganist the story also teaches kids about not judging people by appearance.  Easily one of the most underrated picture books of the year.

Favourite Children’s Book Read in 2016

The Day the Crayons Quit by Drew Daywalt

And of course it’s sequel, The Day the Crayons Came Home (review coming).  These books have quickly become a favourite in our home and they are entertaining for everyone.  Whenever the baby sitter has to read a bed time story this is the kids new go-to.

Favourite Children’s Movie of 2016

Kubo and the Two Strings

This year has been full of great films for children including, Jungle Book, Zootopia, and Finding Dory.  My kids may not agree, but for me Kubo and the Two Strings stood far above the pack.  The amazing animation, the heartfelt storyline, and the real winner was the magic.  Also, one of my favourite opening lines to any story, ever.

Favourite Film Adaptation of 2016

Captain America: Civil War

Tough choice.  On one hand I was very impressed with how well Dr. Strange was handled and transitioned into big screen.  And, Deadpool was funny, but thats about it.  But, seeing Spider-man face off against Giant-man was a moment I could have never imagined as a child.  The movie was full of those moments, with a driving plot.  Great film.

Favourite Movie of 2016

Rogue One: A Star Wars Story

I have to give this to Rogue One.  It really is that good of a movie.  With high expectations, Rogue One went above and beyond.  I really want to go watch it again… right now.

Favourite TV Series of 2016

Stranger Things

The surprise hit of the year was one of the highlights of the year.  The 80’s suspense/thriller style was perfect for my generation and the plot was enthralling.  I recommend this show to everyone.

Favourite Blog of 2016

My Comic Relief

Starting his blogging career around the same time as myself, Michael and I quickly bonded.  Mostly because of similar interests, but, also because I highly respect his articles and his site is one of my favourite places to visit.  I was lucky enough to have him do a guest post for The Green Onion Blog back in November and you should really read his insightful views on Dr. Seuss.

Favourite Comic Artist of 2016

Dustin Nguyen

Not to be confused with the actor/martial artist of the same name.  Dustin Nguyen is the mind-blowing artist of titles such as Descender, The Authority, and Batman: Streets of Gotham.  With an amazing hand, an eye for colour, and flowing water colour paintings, Mr. Nguyen has quickly become one of my favourites.

Favourite Comic Author of 2016

Jeff Lemire

Did you expect anyone else.  I have been a Lemire super-fan for years and I have used my blog as an outlet for my appreciation all year long.  Besides that, he has had an amazing year with work on Descender, A.D., Moon Knight, Extraordinary X-Men, and Old Man Logan.

Favourite New Release Graphic Novel in 2016

White Sand

It was a surprise when Brandon Sanderson revealed that there would be a graphic novel tied in with his Cosmere book series.  But, the real surprise was how good this book was and it’s relevance in the overall picture.  I really enjoyed this book, I do understand it is not for everyone.

Favourite Comic Series Read in 2016


The over-the-top space opera was hands down one of my favourite reads of 2016.  The art, the story, the scifi, it is filled with gloriousness.  I have had volume 3 sitting on my desk, staring at me since before Christmas.  I am purposely waiting for a quiet night when I can give this book the attention it deserves.

Favourite Book Cover of 2016

Sleeping Giants by Sylvain Neuvel

This cover is one of the most eye-appealing books I have in my collection.  The colours and design are striking and one of the main reasons I picked up this debut authors new novel.

Favourite Debut Author of 2016

Sylvain Neuvel

Debut novel Sleeping Giants is more than a pretty cover.  Inside is a unique story with an unconventional style.  Full of twists and turns, I cannot wait to see where this author will take us next.

Favourite Author of 2016

Brandon Sanderson

Another big year for the inhuman author.  With the release of yet another Mistborn novel, another mid-grade story, graphic novel White Sand, he also gave us some short stories to tide over our Cosmere cravings in the Arcanum Unbounded collection.  With Stormlight 3 on the horizon, you cannot help but love Sanderson for his hard work on these endless releases.

Favourite Short Story or Novella of 2016

Edgedancer by Brandon Sanderson

Speaking of those Cosmere short stories, one happened to feature one of my favourite characters, Lift from the Stormlight Archives.  I had just finished reading this days ago to end the year and it was better than I was hoping and makes me want to reread Way of Kings and Words of Radiance now.

Favourite YA Novel Read in 2016

Library of Souls by Ransom Riggs

Reading this trilogy this year was worth it.  And, I have to say the big conclusion stood out for me.  With the news that Mr. Riggs will be continuing on with this series, I am interested to see where Jake and the gang go next.

Favourite New Release Book of 2016

Dark Matter by Blake Crouch

What a twistedly intriguing book.  While predictable in the sense that you know where the story is headed, the book is everything you wouldn’t expect.  I am so happy that I picked up this award winning story this year.

Favourite Series Read in 2016

Kingkiller Chronicles by Patrick Rothfuss

I started 2016 by reading these books and they are easily one of the reading highlights of the year.  Something about the way Patrick Rothfuss writes makes the dullest moments encapsulating.  From beginning to end I love these books.

Favourite Book Read in 2016

Ready Player One by Ernest Cline

I still think about this book all the time, over half a year later.  For such a straight forward, heroes journey style plot, Ready Player One was handled flawlessly and entertainingly.  The story has even found its way onto my list of all-time favourite books.

Most Anticipated Book of 2017

Oathbringer (Stormlight Archives 3) by Brandon Sanderson

Planned for release in November 2017 every book I read this year is going to lead up to that moment when we continue on the most epic of journeys.

Thanks booknerds, may your year be filled with entertaining and lovable stories.


12 Comments Add yours

  1. Zezee says:

    Reading this made me remember that I forgot to go see Kubo and Civil War and haven’t yet seen that Star Wars movie. I need to get myself together.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Green Onion says:

      You got some watching to do!


  2. Nancy says:

    I agree on book, movie & blogger (plus your blog ain’t so bad!) 😘

    Liked by 1 person

  3. TeacherofYA says:

    Wow! What a great list! White Sands: the art looks amazing…and I really want to read Descender! It looks beautiful.
    Have you read Sleeping Giants then? I almost bought it when it went on sale on Amazon, but I didn’t know anyone that had read and recommended it!
    Love your awards! I trust your judgment on the comic side of things! 😉

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Green Onion says:

      I loved Sleeping Giants it was really interesting, I mostly picked it up for the cover and when I heard it was a Canadian author but I am so glad I did. I even got Jenn to read it, which was probably 1 of 5 fiction books she read last year and she loved it too. Sequel comes out in April I think so you have some time!

      Liked by 1 person

      1. TeacherofYA says:

        Oh, good. I hope it’s on sale still!

        Liked by 1 person

  4. Awwwww…Green Onion! I was reading this and thinking what a fun post it was and then you made me get ALL EMOTIONAL. I’m sincerely moved. Thank you so much :). What a touching surprise!

    (Also this reminded me that I STILL need to read ‘Ready Player One.’ Shh…don’t tell anyone I’m so far behind on this thing. I can’t believe I haven’t read this yet!!!)

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Green Onion says:

      Oh yes congratulations on your Onion! Hopefully this year will be filled with great books and nerding out. And you should absolutely hop on Ready Player One. It is a quick, fun, lighthearted read full of the greatest references

      Liked by 1 person

  5. rashthedoctor says:

    Totally approve awarding Kubo , Kingkiller Chronicles,Rogue one and Stranger Things

    Liked by 1 person

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