I Hate Fairyland Vol.2 by Skottie Young

I ran a poll last week for you, the audience, to help me decide which graphic novel I should review.  With a resounding 1 anonymous vote, it was settled that I should review the sequel to I Hate Fairyland by the always lovable, superstar cartoonist Skottie Young.  You don’t hear me complaining.  The first volume in this series was a breath of dark and gory fresh air.  A seemingly endless catalogue of cliché’s and fodder to work with, I have been very excited to see where Skottie Young was going to take us next.

I Hate Fairyland or Fuck Fairyland volume 2: Fluff My Life was collected and published in December 2016.  Reception and popularity have continued to grow for the black humour satire on classic pink princess fairy tales.  Eisner Award winning Skottie Young is in full form with the brightly coloured, cute-yet-disturbing action that we have quickly grown to love in this series.  His creative mind never seems to empty, with more disturbing creatures, outrageous places, and even more kooky storylines.

We return to Fairyland right where we left off, with Gertrude taking the throne as the new Queen of Fairyland.  There’s just a few things wrong with that:  For one, being a Queen is boring as all fluff.  For two, Gertrude has been stuck in Fairyland for 30+ years, she just wants to get home.  And finally, she is terrible royalty.  Just about everyone in the kingdom is trying to kill her.  Luckily, like every storyline in this series, her reign does not last long and she is back to her adventures along with Larry the cynical fly, and new friend Duncan the Dragon, in search of the way home.  It is just too bad that Gertrude is terrible at this stuff.

One of the greatest parts of this series is the pacing.  The brainless read features storylines that are entertaining and wrapped up with each issue.  There is hardly any ongoing plot which allows you to pick up this book for a quick read, with no necessity of back story.  The individual issues bring you in, take you for a ride and let you go back to your business.  Even side characters hardly ever make a reappearance.  In fact, most do not make it past a few pages.  This is a funny book, the way funny books are meant to be.

Skottie Young kills it again with this enjoyable light hearted, dark themed satire.  Full of laughs and cringes, each issue leaves you wanting more and more.  5/5, I am loving this creative, hilarious series.  I highly recommend it to all of the booknerds who need a break from the more serious reading.  I Hate Fairyland is an entertaining escape into fun filled, brutal fantasy escapades that is bound to give anyone a laugh.

Thanks booknerds, I’m out of this muffin fluffing shell hole.


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  1. I need to start this series!! I bought a copy of V1 last year. Your review is making me bump it up on my TBR!

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Green Onion says:

      Worth it! Even if you take a couple minutes here and there to read it issue by issue its a fun brainless read

      Liked by 1 person

  2. TeacherofYA says:

    I love a good crazy comic! I miss Johnny the Homicidal Maniac! I think I should give this a try!


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