DK Lego Books

My brother and I got to talking the other day.  It was his birthday on Wednesday, happy birthday brew.  Anyways, he surprised me with letting me know he was keeping up with the Green Onion Blog.  In which I replied in the most younger brother way possible, “I didn’t even know you read.”  But, he did have a request.

One thing you should know about my brother is he is a collector.  I have talked in the past about how his early obsession with comics influenced a lifetime of reading for me.  Well he has had many obsessions since thenl.  His latest… is Pokemon Go but, over the last few years, has been Lego.  Seriously, I mean obsession.  Stepping into his home is like walking into the Lego store.  With the newest and coolest to the oldest and rarest.  Then there are the bins upon bins of loose pieces.  His interest has expanded to his nephews and niece, with my kids affectionately referring to him as Uncle Lego.  So, what else could I expect from a request from Uncle Lego than to talk about Lego.

DK or Dorling Kindersley Publishing has worked alongside the Lego Group since 2008. Publishing non-fiction titles about everything that is Lego.  From guides, encyclopedia’s, dictionaries, idea books, sticker collections, DK Lego books push to inspire and share information from a company with a rich expansive history.  Collective guides that go into depth of themes, styles, titles, or specific elements.  There are hundreds of books to choose from and collect, each with the iconic white cover.

When I was a little sprout I subscribed to the Lego Club.  A bi-monthly magazine that featured all of the latest news in the land of Lego, not just in Lego Land, I mean.  Which is a service they still provide.  But now, with DK books you can find the complete catalogue of mini-figures, or Star Wars vehicles, or whatever you love.  Then you can get a book that is packed with awesome, inspiring ideas.  If that is not enough, you can find a book that comes with its own special bricks and learn to build amazing contraptions.  Just like the bricks we love, the options are endless.

Whether you love super heroes, Star Wars, Harry Potter, ninjas, robots, pirates, knights, you name it, there is a DK Lego book for your interest.  For children of all ages from Uncle Lego to little Alex, everyone can enjoy flipping through some of these books.  Children today have no idea how lucky they are with some of the things they have, smart phones, internet, video games,… a flippin’ working BB-8 toy! (seriously, you seen those work? They are so cool) But, I would have loved to have some of these books when I was young.  I got stuck with Zack the Lego Maniac…

Thanks booknerds, I’m gonna go play in my kids Lego bin now.


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  1. rashthedoctor says:

    Sadly Lego’s didn’t arrive in India till the time I had crossed the Lego playing age 😞 . That said I always enjoy looking at other people’s lego collection .

    Oh and belated Happy birthday wishes to your brother 🙂

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Green Onion says:

      Yea that is too bad. I love seeing collections and if you ever get a chance to go to a Lego store, its pretty sweet

      Liked by 1 person

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