Red Onion’s Top 10 Underrated Heroes in Fiction

This is going to be the biggest top 10, believe me, the best.  The media, and FAKE NEWS, like to make some characters in fiction look “evil”.  Like power, greed, and dishonesty, was some sort of bigly “bad” thing.  Today I, the great Red Onion the best, will be composing a list of the most under-rated heroes.  And you will love these characters from now on.  Or else!  Or else, you’re like, not real.

10. Veruca Salt

Poor Veruca Salt from Roald Dahl’s Charlie and the Chocolate Factory get’s a bad reputation as a “spoiled” rich kid, sad.  Just another way the media tries to make being rich look “bad”.  I got a lot of respect for this girl, she knows what she wants and she takes it.  When I saw this movie as a kid I got my Daddy to buy me my own chocolate factory the next day.

9. President Snow

President Snow from The Hunger Games, this man, smart man, this man knew how to build walls.  He had great walls.  He really knew how to keep the “evil” out.  Controlling a country through fear and intimidation, believe me, I got a lot of respect for this man.  Tremendous at using reality TV to gain power, smart.

8. Cyril Sneer

Nothing speaks power like money!  I love money, I have the best money.  Sneer got a bad reputation for wanting to make money and destroying a forest.  What’s the big deal?  Trees don’t do anything, that whole oxygen thing is FAKE NEWS.  Trees are there to sell, burn, or turn into more money.

7. Mr. Eugene Krabs

My favourite cartoon, I watch it every day while my servants scrub my feet and people do my hard work, is Sponge Bob.  Mostly for the great Mr. Krabs.  Look at him smelling his money, in his money bath.  I do that, so real!  I love when he fires people!  The best.

6. Big Brother

The best book ever, about how the world should absolutely be like is 1984 by George Orwell.  The world would be such a better, safe place if the leaders had total power.  Constant surveillance would really help to keep the “evil” out.  Great example on how to make the world great again.  That’s how you get smart.

5. Robin

I was watching my favourite TV channel, Cartoon Network, when I saw Teen Titans Go!  Powerful stuff, deep.  But I get so mad when they make fun of Robin’s “baby” hands.  There is nothing wrong with his hands!  They’re huge, the biggest.  It is NOT okay to make fun of the size of peoples hands!

4. President Business

I keep a President Business Lego mini-figure in my desk drawer.  When meetings get boring I like to play with him.  He was such a tremendous leader.  Using money and media to control how people think, and what people do, smart.  If it wasn’t for those terrorist Master Builders, his Lego world would be a Utopia.

3. Зелибоба

Зелибоба, or Zeliboba is from the Russian version of Seasame Street.  I love it, the best, watched a lot of Russian television.  Zeliboba is my favourite because he reminds me of my best friend.  I can’t name names, but, he’s Russian, he looks like a scary monster, he’s like, really strong, but, he can be such a sweet gentle bear sometimes.  I love you my Russian bestie, talk to you real soon!

2. Lex Luthor

Superman hates Lex Luthor.  Superman is Clark Kent.  Clark Kent is a journalist.  Try and tell me the news isn’t fake now.  Luthor was also one of the greatest fictional POTUS’s ever.  He was really focused on keeping America! safe, and not so much about the state of the country, or health care, or the budget, or like, “important” things.  Safety from a rare and potential threat, that’s the way to go, smart.

1. Emperor Palpatine

Destroying a democratic republic!  Gaining absolute power!  Reigning with terror and fear!  What is not to like about this “dude”.  My favourite part was his ability to turn people to his “dark” side.  Until that bratty farmer boy came along…  Anyways, Palpatine is my hero, I have dedicated my life the way he did, to turn a Republic against itself from the inside until I have complete power! HAHAHAHAHA…  Oh, right, I’m still here.

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  1. TeacherofYA says:

    I love Teen Titans Go!! I have never seen the original, but I also love the theme song by Pufyamiyumi.

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  2. masonlou says:

    I love Mr Krabs. I used to watch spongebob loads.

    Liked by 1 person

  3. targo76 says:

    Dang…Cyril Sneer, that takes me back!

    Liked by 1 person

  4. Haha.. Cyril Sneer/ Wow, that is a throwback. Have to admit, I am shocked Big Brother is not number one 😛

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Green Onion says:

      I dont like anybody that does my job better than me

      Liked by 1 person

  5. hehehehee I’m loving these posts!!

    Liked by 1 person

  6. Natasha says:

    President Snow is widely misunderstood. Excellent list!

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