Spider-Man/Deadpool: Isn’t it Bromantic by Joe Kelly and Ed McGuinness

Relationships are funny, on one end you need to share personal interest and have at least a similar set of morals, values, or beliefs.  But then, as they say “opposites attract”.  There fore a relationship between two iconic Marvel characters, Spider-Man and Deadpool could carry a nice balance, or clash in a horrible way.  These two seem to be two sides of the same coin.  With striking visual similarities and of course the penchant for wit.  However, the core values of these players could not be further apart.  Spider-Man being driven by his necessity to use his powers responsibly (there’s a saying for that, I think).  And, Deadpool being probably the least responsible hero in the Marvel arsenal.  It seems natural that creators and writers from the House of Ideas would want to throw these two in the ring and see what comes out the other end.  What better way to do that then throw a title on it and give it a run.

Spider-Man/Deadpool, (Or what seems to be a symbol in place of a title like the late wonder, Prince) began printing in January of 2016.  This was obviously not the first meeting of the red tight brothers and before the first issue came out Marvel started the push of this ‘friendship’.  With the release of a TPB collection of the pairs former exploits, and by throwing both of them on the same Avengers line-up, with a tense finish on that storyline.  The hype for this title’s run couldn’t have been more prepared if they shared an MCU film together.  Who better to take the reigns on that project than long running Deadpool creative duo, writer Joe Kelly and the legendary artist Ed McGuinness.

Most recently, Spider-Man has been dealing with major issues, (what else is new for the web-head) with being recently deceased and taken over by arch nemeses Doc Ock, and the whole Spider-verse dilemma, never mind the major changes happening in the rest of the world.  Spidey wants to return things back to as normal as they can be, working and saving lives in local New York.  Meanwhile, Deadpool has been on a path of turning over a new leaf.  Proving himself as a legitimate hero to his peers, specifically his idol Spider-Man, and doing his best for his young daughter that suddenly appeared in his life.  What happens when Deadpool makes a serious attempt at befriending the Spider?  Can Spidey learn to trust someone so reckless?  And our Deadpools intentions as noble and honest as they seem on the surface?  It all plays out as this new dynamic duo takes on villains like Mysterio and go on a double date with a demon succubus and… The Mighty Thor?

What I was hoping for when I sat down to read this was a humour driven fun fest.  Unfortunately, the humour lacked and the development of this relationship took centre stage.  And, you know what? That’s all well and good, I am down for some character and relationship development, the problem being, it was unnecessary.  These are two well defined characters and if they are both written effectively a relationship would develop organically.  It felt like Kelly and the creative team behind this title were too focused on the production of a long running relationship that they forget to let the characters develop in their own natural ways.  There is some great jokes and situational comedy sprinkled in the story.  Just Humour should have been the focus, as any comic reader is looking at these two wise crackers and expecting the wittiest of banter.  But for some reason, they tame down Spidey’s cleverness and made him into a fall guy for Deadpool’s comedy.  If you need a fall guy for a joke you shouldn’t sacrifice another comedian you should bring in a Captain America type.  For this over sight on what should have been priority on this title, the book disappointed my expectations.

Along with the lack of humour, it held the rest of the story back for me and I had a hard time reading.  It all felt dry, and forced, I wish they would have brought in a stronger dialogue writer on this project.  Who wouldn’t love to see what a Kevin Smith type could do with these amazingly clever characters.  I feel terrible that I am throwing a 2/5 on this one.  Mostly because it is my second time this week giving such a low ranking.  And that is after the whole Red Onion fiasco of last week.  Although, I think it is fair of me to have high expectations on these creators, this company, and of course, these characters, and it should be okay for me to ask for only the highest of quality.  And for me, this title gave me low quality and came out as a stitched together B-side project.

Thanks booknerds, I will try to like books better next week, I promise!


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  1. Irena S. says:

    Oh, no, I was really looking forward to this… 😞 But I might check it out anyway. 😆

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    1. Green Onion says:

      Yeah, check it out! Dont let my disappointment get in the way. Lots of people really enjoyed this book.

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  2. I’m shocked!! I think this is the best Deadpool and/or Spider-Man (discounting the Miles Morales title) comic on the stands right now. For me, the emotional weight is what elevates it. The humor is brilliant, but there’s real depth to the characters/dialogue/relationship as well. I’m sorry you didn’t enjoy the title more my friend :/. I was expecting a 5/5 on this one. But c’este la vie.

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    1. Green Onion says:

      I know, I know. I had a feeling you wouldnt be satisfied with my review. I expected this book to be a slam dunk as well. I had a really hard time with the way Spidey was handled. Maybe I have been spoiled from years of Dan Slott, I dunno. The other problem is I went from Rocket Racoon and Groot by Skottie Young over to this one, and the comedy is on two different levels. But yeah, cant love them all.

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      1. Michael got me this for Christmas and I loooooooved it. In fact, I might just re-read it today since I am already reading lots of other comics today to get caught up.

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      2. Green Onion says:

        Ah, why you guys gotta make me feel bad? I promised to like stuff more

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      3. haha you needn’t feel bad. I think the reason Mike and I enjoyed it so much is because it reflects mine and his relationship. Can you guess which one of us is Spidey and which one is Pool?

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      4. Green Onion says:

        I think he’d be offended not to be Spidey

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      5. Oh you have no idea! Besides, I would be offended not to be Pool. I heart Deadpool.

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      6. Green Onion says:

        Than I shall be Iron Man!

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      7. Two thoughts:

        1) We need to make sure Nancy gets in on this.

        2) I feel like you should do a blog post that fills out your Blogger Superhero team (you can assign bloggers to heroes and explain why…make sure I get Deadpool!)

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      8. Green Onion says:

        Who would Nancy be?

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      9. haha I think Nancy needs to answer that question

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      10. Maybe Dan Slott is a part of it? As we’ve talked about before, I haven’t read much of Slott’s Spidey yet. So, for me, Kelly’s Spider-Man is the first “modern” version I’ve really connected with. On the Rocket and Groot note, do you think you’ll try the next, Skottie Young-less volume or leave it at one epic TPB?

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      11. Green Onion says:

        Im not sure if I will hop on the RR and G books. Im kind of shopping around a bit right now. DC is really kicking off this new look and Marvel seems to be in a state of transition. So I have mostly stuck to the smaller companies in the last year and Im just getting back into the mainstream

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      12. I got really into the Rebirth stuff when they started but, as (annoying) grown-up financial responsibility forced choices, they just didn’t hook me as much as Marvel. For me, I dig the clear social justice angle Marvel does in so many of their books so well. Plus, I was always a Marvel kid. I do love IDW but, outside of them, I don’t do enough variety outside of Marvel. I’ll be interested to see where your reading choices takes you though! And, you know, us by extension :).

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      13. Green Onion says:

        Yeah, Marvel has always been my go to, and I have really enjoyed their fearlessness of letting their creators do and say what they need to in the last few years. I hear they are aiming at stabalizing the characters in the next year. That is encouraging as things have gotten a bit too messy and all over the place. I appreciate the efforts on diversity, but they have to go back to having the characters we know and love at some point. If they can settle into a familiar world and keep up the messages they are trying to say, we will be looking at a well rounded Marvel Universe that everyone can love

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      14. For me, the biggest struggle with Marvel is their slew of annual/bi-annual/quarterly “events.” There’s no chance for stability with new or old characters because every title is pulled into a Secret War or Civil War II or All New, All Different relaunch or what have you. They need to let their characters breathe for a moment or two. Maybe I’m remembering it incorrectly but, when we were kids, it didn’t feel like this many events happened all the time. I remember huge crossovers as being a big thing because they were so rare. Or at least that’s what it seemed like to me.


      15. Green Onion says:

        Preach! Secret Wars and Infinity Gauntlet had a huge impact because it wasnt happening twice a year. I think theyre starting to get that cause they have nothing planned after this Captain America fiasco. Money drives everything though, so we’ll see. I would love things to settle down and get back to basics. Especially the teams! X-men has been way too crazy to keep up with it all. There’s been way too many Avengers line-ups. Even the FF cant keep it straight. If only they would go with a secure lineup for awhile it would be easier to get back into

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      16. That’s an excellent point with the craziness of the teams. I used to love the X-Men as a kid (who didn’t?!?) but I don’t read any of their comics now because it all feels too chaotic. And I miss the X-Men! That goes double for the Fantastic Four who were my all-time favorite team comic as a kid. You’re right with the Avengers too – it seems like every team is named “Avengers ____” simply because of the MCU. I think stability is important to a) attract new readers and b) keep them. ‘Champions’ is the only team book I read (and I love it!) because the others are all so nuts.

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      17. Green Onion says:

        Yeah, I gotta hop on that Champions book. I dont know if theyve released a TPB yet. I would love a classic looking, stable X-Men book. With all the titles you think they could afford one for the long time fans

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      18. The first TPB for ‘Champions’ comes out in May. As to the X-Men, I am holding out hope the return in the spring to “X-Men: Gold” and “X-Men: Blue” will be a nod to the 90’s in more than name. Hopefully we get some of the thematic stability too. Granted, we’ve been burned by the X-Men a lot lately. But here’s hoping!!


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