Lego Batman’s Guide to Being Cool by Howie Dewin

Seriously, who better to teach us how to be cool than Batman, specifically Lego Batman.  It is no surprise that one of my most anticipated films of ‘017 was The Lego Batman Movie.  The kids and I were there for opening weekend, and I am happy to say it was everything it needed to be.  I love how these Lego movies are not shying away from going all out.  Batman was no exception with its endless references, gadgets, vehicles, bat suits, and of course nearly every Batman villain in the roster making a cameo, plus plenty of bonus bad guys.  Voldemort, really?  There were a couple of disappointments.  I was hoping for more out of Galifianakis’s Joker, it came across as more Galifianakis than Joker.  And I was really hoping for a cameo from Elliot, or some connection to The Lego Movie, and a bigger picture happening behind the titular story.  There is one thing about The Lego Batman Movie that nobody can question: Batman was really, really cool.  Therefore, when we saw Batman’s Guide, we needed a copy for the house.

Originally published in December of ‘016, almost two months before the premiere of the film, Batman’s Guide to Being Cool was released by Scholastic.  Written by Howie Dewin author of many movie to children’s book adaptations, which seems like a pretty sweet gig.  Sure, many of these book adaptations are a cash grab on popular cartoons and films that kids fall in love with.  But, who would not want some notes on being cool from the worlds coolest detective.

The 128 page hardcover includes many images taken directly from the film.  There are some of our favourite quotes, and mini-introductions to many of the films supporting characters and massive cast of villains.  The substance of this book is the notes directly from the Dark Knight, as he walks us through all of the elements that make him cool, a great superhero, and an awesome friend.  There are many positive tips about sharing, being good to your friends and family, doing the right thing, and standing up for the little guy.  All great tips to being really cool.  There are also fun ideas like making your own superhero symbol, dressing up in awesome gear, and making your own super-cool gadgets.  Although, all I really want is the Scuttler, probably one of the sweetest Bat-vehicles from any Bat-film.  Best of all, Batman teaches that there is nothing cooler than being an individual, and the coolest thing about you, is you.

This book was such a joy to read to my kids.  It is full of the same humour that drove the movie, but teaches children some really important, positive messages.  As a bonus, you get some great detailed pictures of the animated characters and gadgets.  The last week has been full of the kids and I talking about Lego Batman, and I’m pretty certain they have both decided to become superheroes.  Which is a proud moment for a nerd dad.  I give this book a 4/5 for being entertaining, funny, and positive, all with the influence of the man in black himself.  If your kids loved The Lego Batman Movie as much as we did, I would definitely recommend giving this book a read.  We may never be Batman but it doesn’t hurt to get a few tips.

Thanks you mega-cool booknerds.


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